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I’m Baaack!

Posted by on Feb 14, 2017 in Life Stuff | 2 comments

In vlog form today, anyway. 


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That time I started a business

Posted by on Jul 5, 2016 in Life Stuff | 14 comments



In amongst many doctor appointments, med changes (aren’t they a bitch?!) and trying to find the balance that will get me on the right track to a healthy mental state, I have decided to jump on board and start my own little business as a Younique Independent Presenter.

Now, I know how crazy that sounds, especially considering all the overwhelm I’ve been talking about. But, hear me out.

I ‘attended’ a facebook party. It was so different to anything I’d been involved with before and when the presenter mentioned she was looking to add to her team, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. So, I used the last of my tattoo money to purchase the new presenter kit and told James I would make it back or not get anymore tattoos.


I did have a freak out moment, wondering what I was thinking but, as I’ve learned about the products I have received, connected with my upline, hit a few of my goals and developed some strategies I am starting to think I might have known what I was doing after all.

For me, it’s not about money (although, I would like to be able to buy James a birthday present where he can’t see where and how much and figure out what it is!). It’s not even about make up (although, I am partial to fabulous lashes). It’s about giving myself an external focus, goals which are mine and achievable but my whole family life doesn’t ride on it. If that makes sense. It’s already been an amazing confidence booster, which has been greatly needed. Feeling useless had become a norm for me and finding a way to remind myself of my worth has been invaluable.


I feel excited about the prospects and to see where I can go with this. I’m thrilled about the relationships that are forming, doing things that ease that loneliness is very important to me at the moment and it’s not too draining as it’s all online.

Tomorrow, I’m officially launching through a facebook based party. I’m excited. I’m scared.


I’m ready to take this journey where ever it leads. Possibly to some type of reality show because I keep throwing the word ‘journey’ around.

I would love it if you guys would like my page and if you’d like to join in on my launch party I would so love your support. It will run for a couple of days and everyone is free to pop in and out of the group as they please, there’s no expectations, hopefully just some fun, info and a massive boost for me. Feel free to add yourself to the group!

That’s where I’m at. Doing something a little crazy.
What have you done for yourself lately?

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How to start solid foods with your baby

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in Motherhood, Parenting | 1 comment

This post is brought to you by Heinz

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Introducing solids to your baby is an exciting and special time. Another milestone reached by baby and a big step in part of your parenting journey. Starting babies on solids can also be a time of stress and confusion when there are so many differing guidelines, tips and opinions out there on how, what and when to feed baby solids.

As a mother of four children I have made mistakes and discoveries along the way and I have three quick tips to help you simplify starting solids;

  1. Follow baby’s lead
  2. Arm yourself with knowledge and trust yourself
  3. Back yourself up


When to start solids

Once baby is around 6 months old and sitting up with support you can start thinking about what approach you’re going to take to starting solids. Watching for cues, which indicate they are interested and ready, will make introducing solids to baby easier, not to mention a more pleasant experience for all involved!


Starting Baby on Solids

It is recommended to start baby on solid foods with the traditional spoon-feeding of purees.

Along our baby feeding journey we have come to a mixed feeding arrangement which works for us.

starting baby on solids, starting solids with baby, starting solids, how to start solids with baby, when to start solid foods, solid foods, introducing solids, introducing solid foods

Felix eats what we eat for the most part, in easy to pick up and consume pieces. However, as we’re a busy family, there are often nights when we’re having something not suitable for him, we’re out and about, traveling (which seems quite often lately) or if it’s simply a busy night, we use store bought baby food.

Whether it be on its own or to fill out a meal, it’s important to us that we support our food and lifestyle choices by choosing a brand which fits with our ideals and produces high quality, nutritional baby food.

Heinz nutritionists who are also mums approve the recipes. The recipes are produced using high quality ingredients, sourced from Australia where possible and then lovingly made in country Victoria. The meals are steam cooked to lock in the flavours.

All of which gets a big tick from me.

My brief for solids for baby is simple; it needs to be nutritious without preservatives, added sugar or salt (I don’t cook with salt at all) and there needs to be enough flavour to keep baby happy. Nobody likes feeding baby solids they don’t enjoy (mostly because you end up wearing it all!).

With lots of yummy flavours, such as Felix’s current favourites, Heinz Apple and Blueberry Yoghurt and Heinz Chicken, Sweetcorn and Mango, I feel happy to supplement and compliment his meals with their range.

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Your baby starting solids is a big deal, for them and you. You’re both learning what works and what doesn’t while trying to create life long healthy eating habits and making sure they are getting everything they need to grow, learn and play.

It seems a daunting concept, so not only do you need to carefully consider when to introduce solids you also have to figure out all the ins and outs of doing so but don’t forget that it is also new and fun.

And remember, no matter which method of feeding you choose, one thing is universal – solid food for babies is a messy business.

Embrace the crazy, messy, fun times! 

starting baby on solids, starting solids with baby, starting solids, how to start solids with baby, when to start solid foods, solid foods, introducing solids, introducing solid foods


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DMW Challenge

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 in Life Stuff | 7 comments


My grandpa, who turned 89 on the weekend

When I lived with my grandparents as a teen, my grandfather was always telling me to “DMW”. If I said I had a headache, he would say “DMW!”, tap the bench twice with his fingers and smile at me. I would groan, roll my eyes and choose the teeniest cup to fill up with water and begrudgingly drink it down.

It went this way with most things. Grumpy? DMW. Sick? DMW. Hungry? DMW.

He would randomly fill up a glass and carefully bring it to me at different intervals throughout the day. I have to laugh (to myself) whenever I see him do the same these days for my nan. I see her huff and remember those feelings but I know he’s just trying to do what’s best for her as he was for me all those years ago.

As with so many things, it turns out my grandpa was right all those years. Drinking more water is something I should do.


Turns out he was right. Go figure 😉

These days I do drink much more water than I once did. However, I still struggle to get as much as I should. For some reason, I love my big, tall glasses of water with dinner at night. I can smash them down and just love the taste. In the morning? It’s a real issue. I hate the taste and it’s a real fight to get it down.

Through out the day it’s something I just don’t think about.

As I strive to recover from my PND I am taking tiny steps to change things that need to change, breaking it all down so I don’t get overwhelmed while still doing things differently. So, I am doing to challenge myself to fulfill my water needs daily for the next fortnight and hopefully it will become a habit.

Do you drink enough water? Do you need to join me in my #DMWchallenge?
Any tips for getting my 8 cups a day?

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