Pram Wars

James and I have been having a ‘discussion’ about prams since before Kahlei was born. Late in my pregnancy I started to peruse some forums about having more than one child; I read about people getting ready and buying a new pram that would accomodate both children. It got me thinking that maybe our setup might need some looking at.

With a Bugaboo, a Quinny Zapp and a Baby Bjorn we weren’t lacking means of transporting our babies but I was reading things that made me realise it wasn’t going to be as easy as we had assumed. I talked it over with James and we decided it would be fine, the combinations were obvious – Ellie in the Quinny, Kahlei in the Baby Bjorn or Kahlei in the Bugaboo, Ellie walking. Easy.

Not long after Kahlei’s birth James had to get his hair cut and I experienced my very first ‘just me and the girls’ moment. We figured the best way to go for that outing was Ellie in the pram and Kahlei in the carrier, mostly because I was still healing from my c-section and running after Ellie really was not an option. Unfortunately, Kahlei didn’t like the carrier and I found the pressure of her (even her tiny amount of weight) on my stomach painful.

Since then I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been out alone with both girls.  These times I have had Ellie walking, with her little doggy backpack lead, and Kahlei in the pram. One word: Drama. Ellie is at such a naughty stage. If there are things she can touch or pull off shelves, she will and if we’ve been somewhere like the park and it’s time to leave then she throws a doozy of a tantrum. Kahlei has issues with the start-stop nature of our walks and ends up very upset as I am forever stopping to pick Ellie up to cross a road or put her down because she’s so heavy or Ellie simply wants to stand and look at something that has caught her eye.

Popping Kahlei’s dummy back in, putting my sun glasses on, readjusting my bag on my shoulder and especially ‘picking up a few things’ from the shop are almost impossible as I am tethered to Ellie’s doggy lead and the pram lead. Doing anything other than simply walking at a slower-than-slow pace requires at least five minutes to put on the breaks, unattach myself, do what needs to be done, reattach and get Ellie moving again. And generally, by the time I’ve done all that Kahlei’s spat her dummy and is protesting having been motionless for so long.

After each disappointing outing I have tried to make James have a look at other pram options with me and for sometime he has been very anti. Obviously, we have literally spent a fortune on the prams we already have, but I am honestly of the opinion that we need to at least talk about getting a pram that will fit both girls. Maybe it wouldn’t really help, I knew that but I wanted him to show me his point of view to give me more perspective.

I had all but given up on him seeing my point of view and resigned myself to the life of a hermit when suddenly, on Valentine’s night, he was doing some research!! Now, I am not sure if it was spurred on by a need to shut me up about the pram issue or if our most recent Sydney trip had something to do with it, but who cares? At last, I was able to have a proper conversation about what I thought I needed, what the options were and what might be an issue should we choose to take this route.

At first I was looking at tandem prams, namely Phil & Teds, but as I read more and thought about it I decided a twin (or double) pram might work better for us. I had been worried about maneuvering a twin pram through shops and checkouts, but James found they weren’t much wider than a normal pram, especially the Bugaboo. So, turned out our first decision was easily made; if we get a new pram it will be a twin. Then we started looking into what’s out there. Oh. My. Gosh. The options. The more we looked the more confused I got. James was easily sold on the Mountain Buggy Double Urban and I have to admit I thought it looked pretty awesome, too, but I didn’t know if we wanted to fork out so much money for another pram. Especially when Ellie might not be in it for too much longer… But then there’s the fact that we might have another baby at some point while Kahlei’s still little (like when she’s 2).

I liked the look of the Firstwheels City Twin Stroller as has a sale on that, but when I looked at reviews found there wasn’t much positive information from parents with this pram. The Phil & Teds double appealed, too, however it only comes in red. I thought the Emmaljunga Twin Cangaroo looked good, too.

We looked at the cheaper options and found the one we think we will go with. The Baby Love EzyGo Twin Odyssey. It has the basic functions we require such 5 position recline and, more importantly for us, each seat reclines independently,  it has adjustable foot rests for each seat, fits through a standard doorway and easily folds away into a managable size (unlike the Bugaboo…). The key, though, is that it isn’t expensive, so if Ellie decides she never wants to go in a pram again sooner rather than later we wont feel ripped off. Kahlei will just go into the Quinny and then when we have our next baby they can both go in this. If Bubba #3 comes along later than expected and Kahlei has completely transitioned out of needing a pram or stroller it wont be an issue that we’re not using it (unless we have twins, haha. No, that’s not funny, I take it back).

The plan is to purchase my sanity saver (that’s what I’ve named whatever pram we buy) late this month or early next. I feel so relieved. I won’t have to worry about our next nightmare ‘adventure’ or, worse, keep the girls and myself at home.

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  1. Gosh you do have your hands full and yes you do need some pram relief. All the best with it. Thanks for calling in and leaving me a cmment on my blog.

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