The Saga Continues

James had an appointment with a renal specialist yesterday, I was so hoping that we would start getting some answers. Instead, he just has more tests to do and the possibility of more medication.

This has been going on since November 28 last year, when we simply thought James had Whooping Cough; you can read about our (or mine, at least) traumatic experience. Since then he has had many doctor’s appointments, oodles of blood tests, urine tests, been tested for a tumor (still not sure of those results) and has been put on two different types of medication. Many of the side effects listed for his medications he is experiencing; from joint pain to headaches. He is always so tired, sore and often grumpy. He’s only 25 – it’s not meant to be like this!

Yesterday, as we traveled the two hours home from his appointment, he said he would almost rather die than have to take medication for the rest of his life.


He went on to clarify; he just meant it was practically like being put in jail for life.


You know, it’s a life sentence.


He really hates the idea of popping pills daily for the next 60 years. He just wants an answer, preferably an answer that can be cured and does not have to be managed this way. I really feel for him, as I mentioned above, he’s only 25. You’re not supposed to get high blood pressure until you’re older.

My only suggestion is for us to move and start again. Get away from our stressful living arrangements and high-stress job. Just leave it behind, you never know, it might help. Yeah, right. It was a nice thought, though.

For now we will have to continue with what we’re doing and hope we’ll get some answers soon.

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