My Socialite

Ellie is such a social butterfly. She loves people. She loves to be the center of attention. Lately, I have noticed her becoming more selective about who she chooses to approach, whether it be at a playground or in an extended family situation. It intrigues me to watch her pick one little girl over another, or an older boy over a little girl. Sometimes she will totally disregard a person who has made an effort to come up to her or be totally oblivious of another child following her as she plays. I wonder what qualities she sees in those she is drawn to, I wonder what she is thinking. I try to pick up a pattern, does she choose the most outgoing? The prettiest? Is it an age thing? As yet, I have been unable to figure it out.

I love how she goes up to children at the playground, leans slightly towards them and waves while saying “Hello”. Her face simply lights up. Then she will happily play and be excited to come face-to-face with them again as they go about their own games and say “Hello” again. Sometimes she will follow said child, if they particularly take her fancy, at a distance for a while before going off to play again. I wonder what she is learning from these interactions, from watching others.

She is in awe of our family doctor, she will sit silently and watch his every move as he checks her over, measures her, listens to her chest. She is totally in love. She already knows how to charm him with a smile and some bubbly chatting (who knows what she’s actually saying…).

Talking on the phone to my parents is a highlight for her, she will look at me with her eyes shining and say “Na” or “Pa” and then will happily chat away forever. She even pretends to talk to them, walking around the house on her little phone saying their names and babbling for AGES. When she gets to see them it’s like Christmas (and sometimes it actually is Christmas…).

Another person she loves to spend time with is her favourite aunty, Casey. Case is my first cousin, so not technically Ellie’s aunty, but she may as well be and that’s what she would like to be called. When we went to James’s appointment the other day Ellie had the opportunity to spend some time with Aunty Casey and she was so cute. Everything Case does is hilarious, every move she makes is watched. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since they last saw each other, like when Casey was in America for 4 months, Ellie always remembers her and is ready with a big smile for some special fun, the kind you can only have with an aunty like Casey.

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If I were to be honest, and I try to be, I would say that I don’t know where she gets her confidence or how she manages to be so at ease with people she does not know. I’d have to say I doubt she got these qualities from James or I. Maybe it’s all the time she spends with my mum – she is the meaning of Social Butterfly. Casey, too. Thank goodness she has some good socializing role models!


  1. You and Casey are as close as sisters so it stands to reason she should be Aunty Casey. I love to see the two of them together too.

  2. It is really amazing to see the personalities children develop. I am always in awe of Charlotte, whom I also describe as a social butterfly. I feel like her father and I are so much more reserved, it is amazing how unafraid of others she is. Great post! Feel like I could have written it myself. Have a great weekend.

  3. Ahhhh. ive stolen these photos!!
    I miiiiis you guys already.
    Love hangin with my girl(s)
    And. Aunty Casey is a definate.
    Second cousin Casey doesnt have a ring to it.
    PS. Id like to publically tell everyone she said "Case".. (in her ellie voice) last i saw her.

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