Laundry Day

For some weeks after Kahlei’s birth I found a way to keep on top of the laundry, mostly. I just told myself that if I folded it as I got it off the line and put it away when I got inside it would all go smoothly for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I have a hate-hate-HATE relationship with washing. I hate washing it, hate hanging it and HATE folding and putting it away. It only took one day, one time of not being able to fold the clothes as they came off the line (Kahlei thought she might need a feed…) and it was ruined. Since that fateful day clean clothes have been piling up on the chair in the cornor of our room, mocking me everytime I look at them, contemplate getting into it and decide that I actually have something else to do.

Yesterday I put them in a basket and placed them on the coffee table, where I couldn’t close the door and ignore them, I figured that would make me fold them. Instead, I avoided them by doing things like washing the floor.

This morning, after I cleaned up after breakfast (and you really do have to ‘clean up’ when you have an 18 month old! You can’t just ‘put the dishes in the dishwasher’), I made myself sit down and start dealing with the pile. I got halfway through before Kahlei stirred and needed a feed and change. When I came back out Ellie was sitting happily in the middle of what should have been my nicely folded piles…

23 Feb 002

I think my girls are against laundry, too.

So, I made some paint and we went outside to get rid of some of Ellie’s energy. We don’t have any paint brushes, so I cut up a sponge and attached pegs to the end of each piece.

23 Feb 006 23 Feb 014

This is the first time Ellie has painted first and only once the paint had practically run out decided to eat it. I was so proud. Whenever she put the sponge in the paint or onto the paper she made a ‘plopping’ noise.

23 Feb 016 23 Feb 019

Once her paper was nice and colourful and the remaining paint was all eaten she ran around saying “Nun, nun, nun” which is how she says run and it is said in a way that makes it sound like she’s riding a motorbike. Kahlei happily spent time in her playshade, she loves going outside, too and gets so excited when Ellie pops her head in to say “Hello”.

23 Feb 022

After sufficient time ‘nunning’ around we came inside, I put Kahlei to bed, fed Ellie and started back on the pile, which had grown as I had taken more clothes off the line while outside. Before putting Ellie to bed, she helped put some of her clothes away.

23 Feb 008

Then  she went to bed (I love that they sleep at the same time) and I finished up. Now, I just have to remember to fold the clothes as I get them off the line tonight. And continue to do it the easy way.

23 Feb 004

Now, to put them away.


  1. I believe that the laundry problem is a hereditary problem. Do you also have a sock monster that eats only one sock?

    It's raining tonight and so I'm looking at getting our folding away now too. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!

  2. Popping in from SITS to say hi!

  3. I am an avid washing hater too!!
    Im trying to get myself more organise too… but just cant seem to manage!

  4. cool peg and sponge idea.
    might just use it.
    + Impressed with your laundry folding.
    I dont have 2 babies + i still dont fold mine 🙂
    .. but im yet to become an adult
    (not quite sure when that happens)
    looooove you

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