A Muddy Friday

It's a Muddy Friday 006Today Casey was supposed to come and visit us, but she woke up sick (get better soon, Case xoxo). So, Ellie and I made a mud puddle in her ‘pool container’ for her animals to wallow in. The water in the container was fun, but THIS was the best thing! She got her horse, cow and elephant and they had a grand adventure in the depths of Muddy Container. Once they were good and dirty she thought the next best thing would be to run around with great globs of mud and try to hug mum, which was lovely 🙂

She sang and talked to herself and sometimes to me and had a wonderful time exploring the texture, smell, feel and obviously the taste. Nothing is much fun if you don’t taste it.

Kahlei did her thing, looking about and strengthening her back and neck muscles.

It's a Muddy Friday 023 It's a Muddy Friday 012 It's a Muddy Friday 028


  1. What a lovely idea! It's still too cold here but I'm going to remember this one! My kids will love the permission to play in the mud!!

  2. That mud pool looks ever soooo much fun to just dunk into LOL …

  3. I want to play in the mud and ESPECIALLY see Ellie trying to get mummy muddy!!

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