Book Worms 004I love to read. I don’t do it nearly as often as I would like but when I do I loose myself in the world held within it’s pages. My absolute favourite author is Terry Pratchett who pens the hilarious Disc World series. Honestly, if you like a good laugh and especially if you’re a Monty Python fan give these books a read! The first two have been the best so far, but there are many I don’t have and a new one every time I make the journey to my bookstore. I tell you, if I had infinite money I would be buying a book a week of his, as it is I will have to keep my fingers crossed for my birthday!

It was only last year that I discovered the world of Harry Potter, I am glad I read them as an adult and enjoyed the experience more than I ever imagined I could. I have recently been told that I may enjoy the Twilight series… Honestly, I had never even heard of it until the movie came out. I practically live under a rock. It will be going on my birthday list as it sounds like the perfect for my next foraray into a different world. Why oh why is June so far away??

I had hoped my children would learn to love books as much as I do and while Ellie can’t read yet I am so excited that she is forever getting out her books and ‘reading’ them. This morning I was doing some folding (it really never ends, does it?) and Ellie got out a book, so I asked her to read to Kahlei. So she got her lounge, put in next to Kahlei’s rocker, plonked herself down and started to read to her. It was adorable. Kahlei thought it was great, she was giving Ellie the biggest smiles. Unfortunately, she stopped as soon as I got the camera out! Cheeky Munchkin!!

Book Worms 005They are so gorgeous together, I love to sit back and watch as Ellie fusses over Kahlei and Kahlei beams up at her. AND Ellie said “Kahlei” yesterday! Up until now she had called her Baby, Shh Baby and Kay.

In the last two days I have seen an incredible improvement in Ellie’s pronunciation. Things that I knew what she was saying are now clear to others and she is copying new words at an amazing pace. My favourties are Outside which she says while patting her head, as she’s not allowed to play outside without a hat, Toes, it’s the funny little accent she has that gets me with that and Oh gosh, which was our new one for tonight. I can’t even recall what she was doing when I said “Oh my gosh, Ellie” and she said “Oh gosh” in her cutesy little voice. It cracked me up.

Her love of books and being read to has really encouraged her communication. She has a favourite book, Fancy That, she says all the sounds and knows at which stage of the book they are. I will often go into her room after feeding Kahlei or making lunch and find her tucked up in bed reading it, saying Took, took, took (which is what the hen says).

It is so exciting for me to see her growing to love something that is so dear to me, something I cherish and enjoy so much. I can’t wait to be able to talk to her about books, about what she sees when she reads a particular one and to be able to share well loved classics with her and Kahlei.

I would love to hear about any brilliant books you have read, I am always looking to grow my collection!!

PS: Our thumbnails are cutting off the best bits of the photos, so click on the images if you want a better look!

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  1. I LOVE books to, sad to say I don't get a lot of time to sit and read but I love that the library has downloadable books to your PC. So I can work and listen to a book, I actually can finish a book in a day or two that way. It's pretty cool, I blog called under you again :).

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