Last Night

I was all ready to start this post by telling you what a foul mood I am in, I had even planned exactly what I was going to say while I was out hanging the clothes. Then, we came inside and Ellie demanded a drink. While keeping one eye on her over the kitchen wall I poured her one, telling her to be “gentle” with Kahlei as I did. I could see her, but I wasn’t entirely sure what she was doing. I rushed around to find this:
Ear Phones 001I nearly fell over laughing. Ellie must have found these earphones in our recently diminished ‘to ebay’ pile. I’m not sure what made her decide to place them in Kahlei’s ears, but it’s still giving me a giggle now.

Now, onto the not so funny stuff. WARNING: May read a whole lot like a whinge!

For the past few days I have randomly thought that I should blog about Kahlei’s sleeping habits. For some reason or another I never managed to and now I am thinking maybe I simply learnt that good days/nights will probably be followed by MANY bad days/nights. But, she was so consistent that I felt like I finally had the good sleeper I had hoped for. After a tough first couple of weeks Kahlei seemed to fall into her own happy little routine. An hour and a half up after a feed and then crying to let me know she was ready for bed. I would give her a quick nappy change, wrap her up and then give her a cuddle until she was nice and calm before placing her in bed. Sometimes she would give a little protest, but a quick pat soon had her quiet enough for me to leave the room and she would fall asleep on her own. To top it off, she was waking only once or twice a night for a feed and going straight back to bed. In short, it was bliss!

Then, last night happened. I went to bed with my head about to split open, my stomach turning and feeling like I might have to rush to the bathroom to vomit at any moment. I was afraid I would be unable to sleep, but was sooo tired I had no troubles. Kahlei’s first wake up seemed to go fine at first, I fed her, changed her and re-wrapped her but once I had done that she started to whinge and nothing I did helped. It took 45 minutes to get her to sleep, not long when I recall the hours on end I used to spend trying to get Little Miss back to bed, but feeling as I did made those 45 minutes seem like an eternity. Three hours later she woke for another feed and we did it all again, this time it took almost two hours.

I went back to bed feeling even worse, which I hadn’t thought was at all possible, with chills and hot flushes. Half an hour later; wouldn’t you know it, Ellie woke up, just as I was finally drifting off!! I laid her down and she screamed like I had just cut her legs off and as I did not want her to wake the now peacefully sleeping babe, I took her into our bed.

She tossed, turned, gave kisses and told jokes only she got the punchline to while James and I grumbled and tried to sleep. Eventually, James huffed and puffed once too many for Her Grumpiness’ liking (that would be me), leading me to take Ellie out to the couch where we cuddled together. Once she settled I tried to get her to lie on her little couch, but that didn’t go over too well. Instead, I had to hold her and not sleep too heavily as every time she threw herself about she practically fell out (and would have if I hadn’t been holding her to me).

FINALLY she went to sleep. As the sun came up.

At 6.30 Kahlei woke for a feed, so I gently place Ellie on the couch alone and went to bed to lie down to feed her, hoping to nap until the alarm. No such luck, Kahlei was quite demanding and whiny followed by the alarm disturbing me and then Ellie’s little feet padded their way into me and the day officially began. Joy.

I remember thinking at some point last night, in my exhausted, ill haze that I would do anything for the girls to have rooms of their own.Then, when one girl was having a bad night it wouldn’t disturb the other and make things worse. Having no money sucks.

Okay, whinge over, Princess Kahlei demands my attention.


  1. Oh boy…. I certainly can understand this. My husband and I split into different rooms with our twins. We are lucky and were able to cram an old bed and one crib into my parents study (we live with my parents due to no money!). The other baby (and one of us) stays behind in our old room. They sleep better now that they are not waking one another up. I feel for you guys. Is there any other room you could even temporarily, put another crib in?

  2. Poor girl, maybe the girls have got a touch of what you and James have. I'm not sure that I can offer our place for to move into, but I would help if you were closer 🙂

    Love you.


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