The Mumma, The Diva and The Princess

Today started like this

Love Love 118 Love Love 130 Love Love 135

We played, built towers and danced the morning away. Once nap time arrived I was exhausted and looking forward to starting on my entry for the GDS Supreme Team VII Contest. I get Kahlei settled in bed while Ellie had something to eat then put Ellie to bed and started the download for the kit for round 1; “Your Day” by Dani Alencar. I was impatiently awaiting the moment when I could check out the kit and get started when Ellie started knocking on her bedroom door saying “Kok, Kok” (knock, knock). Uh-oh.

I went in and tried to get her to lie down. Nope. Then I laid her in my bed with me, for a moment or two it seemed this was going to be a successful move. She snuggled into me and even went so far as to close her eyes, prompting me to close mine and the next thing I know she’s chatting up a storm, wriggling and sitting up. So, I figure we’ll try again later and give up on starting my layout.

Turns out The Diva decided she was too big for a day sleep. Thanks anyway, Mum. So, we go back to chasing each other around the house and I get her to help with some chores. Then, The Diva wakes The Princess, who had been sleeping as a Princess should. We make afternoon tea and head out the back for sunshine, fresh air and some water play. I thought I would wear them out.

We come inside and The Princess decides The Diva is onto something with this staying-up-while-being-ultra-tired-thing. By this time The Mumma’s getting pretty frustrated and tired. A full day with a wakeful yet grumpy toddler? So not ready for that!!

Bed time came, The Mumma kissed The Diva and The Princess goodnight and finally got some quiet time! Enough time to start and finish a layout:

Ellie 1st Birthday copy

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  1. Life with non-napping toddlers never makes for an easy day. It is exactly what happened to me. It seems that while my children are able to blissfully slip away into slumber at the end of the day, so am I. All without getting a single thing done.

    Ah, the ups and downs of parenting. Glad to see that you are on the same ride as me.


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