Tuesday’s Tribute: Family Time

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

As I was already going to post some piccies from our time with my family, I thought I would dedicate today’s tribute to Family Time.

For me it’s the little things, the memories created as we sit around late at night talking and laughing or playing cards. Time spent watching Ellie playing with my brothers, or sharing dinner together. These things fill me with such joy and happiness.

Familyness 208 Watching Ellie making connections and bonding with my family is a pure delight. I have often lamented the fact that I have had children so far away and worried that Ellie’s relationship with them wouldn’t be as close as I would hope for, but I think they will be close. She loves her Nanna and Pa. Together they play, laugh and learn.

Familyness 121Ellie played soccer with Uncle Joshy, Uncie Caleb and Scamp, she had a ball! She was right in the thick of it and held court, if she wanted the ball, well then it was hers! These boys are so good with her, they make me so proud and she just loves them to death! As for Scamp, he thought he’d been sent a Christmas Angel as she played soccer with him for ages – his dream!!

Familyness 043 Ellie learnt to skate and James took a fall as they played around with Ethan and Caleb on their skateboards. James hadn’t been on a board for many years (like 20) and took it slowly until his fall.Familyness 083

He freaked us all out, lying there laughing and Ellie got quite upset. I didn’t even get the good bit on video, just the end where he’s on the ground and the skateboard is still going, hehe.

Ellie showed us she has amazing balance and NO fear as she was scooted around and then afterwards as she climbed on and off by herself.

Familyness 090Ethan cooked us a BBQ, just because I wanted one. Such a lovely brother. Then he made us all self-saucing chocolate pudding for desert.

Familyness 191Josh introduced us to his girlfriend and stuck around for a game of cards. He was happier than I had seen him in ages and much more like his old self. I have to say, I like this girl and I love what she seems to be doing in Josh’s life. Spending quality time with him hasn’t happened in a while and this weekend we had plenty of time to catch up.

These were my favourite moments of the weekend just past. They’re the kind of moments I hang out for and savour. I can’t wait until we all catch up again.


  1. what a lovely tribute! family time is so precious. it looks like a fun time was had by all!

  2. I agree with you — it is the little moments with family that create the most lasting and fun memories. My family lives all the way across the country from me and my son has barely any idea who they are. This May, we are going to have a big family reunion — the first time we've all been together in 7 years. I can't wait … and we don't have much planned other than getting to know each other and just being together. What a lovely tribute! : )

    And thanks for visiting my blog! I truly appreciate it!

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