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I’m Back!!

I realise you have all been hanging out for this moment, so I couldn’t draw it out any longer. Give the people what they want, I say. Or maybe I just really missed blogging… Yeah, I have posted my Project 365 photos, purely because I have promised myself I will not get behind unless I have no access to the net.

I feel like so much has gone on with Ellie and Kahlei that I haven’t had time to blog and now I can’t remember! I’m going to try and figure out what those things might be now, as I often use this blog to update their baby books and my diary. My Project 365 photos help me out a little with figuring out what happened when.

* Last Friday Kahlei rolled from her belly to her back and I missed it!  I had gone into the kitchen to answer the phone and when I came back around she was happily on her back, not where I had put her. She has not done it since, I think she can tell I am watching her…
* Also last Friday; Ellie and I had fun blowing bubbles

Bubbles 058 Bubbles 060 Bubbles 047

Becky’s Toddler Friendly Bubbles
1/2 cup no tears baby bath
– 1 cup cold water
– 1 teaspoon sugar

* Ellie has been going to the potty more often and can wear undies for hours without wetting them
* Kahlei has become a real little chatter, more so than Ellie was at this age. She will ‘talk’ for ages and thinks Ellie is hilarious. They share a bath together at night and Kahlei spends the whole time smiling and laughing at Ellie. I tell Ellie “Kahlei’s smiling at you” but she doesn’t really pay attention. I guess it doesn’t seem such a big deal to her since she’s still a baby herself…
* As she’s such a chatterbox, she will often have a talk to her mobile toys before she goes to sleep and Ellie will race into her room at any peep. I’ll go in and find her on her tiptoes, reaching through the cot bars, trying to put her dummy back in or patting her. I tell Ellie that Kahlei is going to sleep and doesn’t need her help and Ellie looks at me as if to say “Mum, you have no idea.” She was making noise, after all…


Shh Kahlei 002

After awhile we have another problem, when Ellie decides Kahlei has been sleeping too long and will drop everything she’s doing and run towards her room say “Kaylei Kaylei Kaylei”.
* Ellis has started making up and singing her own songs while dancing to them. Mostly, I don’t know what she’s singing, but yesterday it was ‘Igglepiggle is a good boy’. A classic in the making, I should think.
* Yesterday Ellie counted to two! She has been saying “Two” after I say one for awhile, now and for the past few days she has been counting without actually counting, if you know what I mean? Basically, she would sit there and say “two, faw, bleg, sis, sis”. Yesterday, she was drawing and counting as she went.
*On the drawing front, she has become a real little scribbler and delights in telling us what it is she has drawn. She used to simply jab the pencil/texta at the paper while watching me or whoever was around and not show much interest in what she was doing but now she can draw happily for AGES, so long as we take the time to listen to what she has to say about it afterwards!
* One last thing (I know, these things are really only interesting to parents and grandparents of a child). Her favourite word is minute. I must say In a minute a lot. She thinks it is so so funny when I say it and I think it is simply adorable when she copies “Mmmit” (after she’s finished giggling about me saying it, of course).

Well, my blogging alarm has gone off (ie Ellie’s awake).

Oh! Before I go, I wanted to mention my plans for my Thursday post. My mum has ecently aquired photoshop and I promised I would write her some tutorials on the basics, as well as anything in particular she wanted to be able to do . I’m by no means an expert, but I can get things done and have learnt much by simply sitting and fiddling with the program. So, I intend to post my first tutorial for her then. Mum, any requests? Or does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Oh, my daughter just learned to roll from her belly to back, and back again. I am sure yours will do it again soon. It's so amazing watching them learn to be mobile!

  2. On the tutorial side, a "how to start" session would be good, I'm sure I don't remember anything that you told me when you were here.

    I forgot to tell you on the weekend, Ellie was sitting on the lounge, just playing and she actually counted to three – one, two, three!!

    I thought she must always do that so didn't think that it was anything to get excited about (as I am aware the my granddaughter is a genius!!!) so I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

    Love, mum. xoxox

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