It Sucks

Well, it does if you ask Ellie, anyway!

I suppose that’s what happens when you spend the weekend with a bunch of teenage boys… but, if that’s the worst thing she learnt this weekend then I guess we got off light! 😉

Casey's 21st Birthday Weekend 022 Casey's 21st Birthday Weekend 032

They’re good boys, really and sooo good with Ellie.


Friday night James and I finally finished our Secret Project at 2am, lucky, as it was my cousin’s 21st birthday pressie and we were off to her birthday weekend on Saturday.

It was a DVD of photos from birth to now. We scanned well over 600 photos, which I then edited and retouched (those that could be retouched without issue, anyway) while James created a wonderful intro (you know, the part before the DVD that you can’t skip that tells you the rating and not to pirate as well as a production company intro). I made one main feature (almost an hour long) and 7 special features which we put on two DVDs James had ‘lightscribed’. James made the DVD cover and I made the insert, which was Casey’s card. It was well worth all the late nights to see the finished product and the joy it brought to Case.

Love it

The DVD cover as a slide in ‘The Making Of’ special feature

James, Ellie, Kahlei and I had a lovely lunch with my brother, Josh and his girlfriend, Tahlia before going on to the party. I was so excited that Josh was coming and really wanted to see him without everyone around. I really miss him and in recent years we haven’t been able to spend too much time together, hopefully that might change. I would love my girls to be close to him.

Casey's 21st Birthday Weekend 013 Casey's 21st Birthday Weekend 041

So, we weCasey's 21st Birthday Weekend 048nt to the party and had our family afternoon tea, where Casey opened our gift after she had cake and her dad made a rousing speach which had us all tearing up and had me practically balling when he was talking about the help my grandparents have been in raising their kids. He was saying how important that support was, I was sitting next to my mum who had Ellie on her lap and I just couldn’t help it. I just felt so sad for myself, the girls and my family in that moment.

We all watched the DVD while Ellie sat with Case, patting her head, saying “Side” (outside). I love when we have these get togethers and catch up with all the cousins, there were 8 of the 12 boys + Case and I and Ellie was completely in her element!! As I said above, the boys are so good with her. They can go outside to kick a ball around, she will follow and not once did I hear a complaint about her being in the middle of their game, making things slow.

We went to nan’s for dinner, all waiting impatiently for 7pm, as the jumping castle was arriving back out where the party was happening. I was so excited, I really wanted Ellie to have a go. She loves to jump and I thought she would be soooo into it. By the time we finished dinner, drove back out and waited for the jumping castle to be pumped up it was dark and Ellie was completely freaked out by the huge form looming before her in the night and even when James got on there with her she didn’t like it. So, that was disappointing for me. Instead, she had a dance or two and had a wonderful evening staying up late, eating party food and being Aunty Casey’s offsider. It’s the first real party she’s been to and considering she stayed up WELL past her bedtime she was such a good girl!

Mum came to get her and take her to nan’s (where Kahlei was sleeping) and James, Josh, Tahlia and I went for a quick drink at Maccas before returning to the party. When we got back, everyone was in watching the DVD we’d made, so we decided to go on the jumping castle. Even me. I don’t ever remember being on one before. I suppose I would have as a young child… But, as an older child and teenager I was much to awkward to do something like that. Pity. It was so FUN. It was an awesome workout, too. Even when I wasn’t actually jumping, but somebody else was I could feel my abs working. I told James we basically HAD to have one in the backyard.

Casey's 21st Birthday Weekend 2 011 Casey's 21st Birthday Weekend 2 023

It was lovely to be out, having fun and know the girls were safe with mum.

Eventually, James and I called it a night and got back to nan’s after 1am. Then we showed mum and nan the pics I had taken and got to bed at 2am. Woohoo. Rebels.

Casey's 21st Birthday Weekend 2 110The next day we had a lovely morning together, mum made Case a cake and Ellie had some quality time with nan. We all went to Chinese for lunch. Ellie was fascinated with the huge fish in their aquarium, she loves fish. I don’t really get it… Anyway. I had satay lamb, which, to quote Regan (Casey’s younger brother) “didn’t taste like satay, just tasted like hot“.

We retired to nan’s for a game of mafia for the kids, desert and a chat for the adults. I love, love, love mafia. So fun.

Then, it was time to go. Which sucks 😉

Casey's 21st Birthday Weekend 2 002 Now, I will leave you with this photo of James and I, as proof of our late night raging 🙂


  1. This was the most amazing weekend.
    felt like christmas with all the boys + you guys 🙂
    now im just hanging for christmas.
    The next time were all together.
    Or.. Ellies 2nd birthday!! yay.
    Ps. i mso glad you went on the jumping castle!
    I wish i was on there with you.
    I was watching the best dvd ever though 🙂
    + i cant believe ellie learnt 'it sucks' from the weekend. haha thats hillarious.
    I blame the boys. She probably leant wrestling too.
    Although they are so lovely with her.
    love you. miss you already. give yopur girls a kiss from me

  2. It was a fantastic weekend, and from my point of view, watching the girls was soooo much more fun than jumping on the jumping castle.

    Like Casey, I love it when we all get together.

    Love you all. Mumeroo. xoxoxo

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