Lately, I have been giving Ellie a choice when getting dressed of a morning. She is loving being able to choose and I enjoy seeing the excitement she experiences when I ask her what she would like to wear.

This morning I placed the two outfits on her bed and said, as I usually do, “What would you like to wear today?” and she proceeded to take the top and tights from outfit one, the shorts and headband two and mix them together. I don’t want to be a Nazi mum who makes her kids wear certain things, however, I was a tad skeptical about tights and shorts… She got dressed before accessorising with her handbag, hat and a single red gumboot.

My Cuties 072Once she was all decked out it was time to take her baby for a walk.

She walked up and down the yard, coming to ‘visit’ Kahlei and I before waving bye bye and going to the clothes line, all the while keeping her one boot on.

I am so proud of her. I love her personality. Everyday she is showing me more and more amazing things, just when I think there can’t be anything more amazing than what I have already watched her accomplish she surprises me with something else.

Classy, no?

Now, I have some Project 365 catch ups;

Day 52: BabyBugs

Day 52: BabyBugs

Day 53: Cloud Gazing

Day 53: Cloud Gazing

Day 54: Wet Washing…

Day 54: Wet Washing...


  1. Well, Ellie's dress sense is amazing, I am hoping that whe doesn't take to black and drab as quickly as you did!!!!

    I love the red boot.

  2. i love those photos.

  3. Adorable! It is amazing the stuff toddlers come up with!

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