Positive Thinking

I used to be one of those teenagers, you know the ones I mean. All bleak, negative and wearing black (well, in my defence; black is slimming). I was on anti-depressants and in the later years, was extremely anti-social. My thought processes were extremely negative, I had no confidence or belief in myself. These thought processes directly effected every aspect of my life.

I decided to come off my medication and address my thought processes. Changing the way I saw and thought about myself was tough. It took a whole lot of will power, effort and an excess of positive thinking. Every flash of negativity had to be chased away by a blinding ray of positivity. At times it felt a bit like having a peppy cheer squad contained within my head. While that sounds like a whole-lotta-fun, it wasn’t really. I don’t do peppy.

Obviously, once I was no longer plagued with continueous negitivity I was able to scale back on the deliberate positivity and just… think, I suppose.

I have been thinking about taking a day a week to write a post dedicated purely to being positive, not because I am feeling negative per se, but because I am often too busy to just take the time to focus on the good stuff. Especially right now;

I have an ear infection. In both ears. Right now I can’t hear out of one ear and the other feels all sore and swollen.
I have a teething baby. And a teething toddler. Ellie’s had a majorly tough day today, for hours this morning she lay on the lounge without moving, something she never does. Poor little thing.
James is grumpy, sore and tired because he’s on these bp meds and we seem to be no closer to having any sort of answer.
I sit down to read my bi-monthly magazine, in one of those amazing quiet moments that simply don’t last long enough and read things like “Living close to extended family can be immensely helpful…” Of course, I know this. Even though I don’t live near my family, I know how much difference it makes to me when we are visiting, it really helps me recharge, which I don’t get to do otherwise. I don’t want to sit down in my quiet time and read something I know. Moving is practically the one thing I really want that I just can’t have. Okay, maybe not, that might be a tad melodramatic. There are other things I can’t have, either. Like the 20 million dollars we didn’t win in lotto for example…

So, at a time when I am sick, the girls are demanding and under the weather themselves and I have nobody I can call to give me a bit of a break to have a rest, recoup and then get back into the trenches, I am feeling it is vitally important to take the time to concentrate on positivity. Just to help keep me sane!!

These past few days, when the girls have slept, I have done some digi scrapping, which helps me feel positive, as it’s something I love to do and it gives me time to reflect on the moment in the photos. Being creative helps me relax.

Jumping JumpingOutsideThe Princess


Jumping & Outside: Puddles of Play
The Princess: Waiting for you by Majula

What do you do that brings your focus to positivity? Let me know!!


  1. That is such a good post! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I have never tried digital scrapbooking but I wonder if I should try it! 🙂

  2. You should give it a go, Kristen, it is sooo much fun!

  3. Great post. Sometimes I have to force my self to stay positve too. Replacing negative thinking with positive is real work, but so worth it.

  4. Great post!

    You are right, we all have things we want and can't have. HGTV never called to tell me that I won the 2008, or the 2007, or the 2006 dream house that I so wanted. But hey (thinking positively) there is always the 2009 dream house…..and it may be worth the wait. 🙂
    Also….like you, I create to relax and see it as a time for myself.

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