Project 365 Day 55 –

I have been very slack in posting my Project 365 photos, so I have been thinking that I might do a weekly post.

Day 55: April Fool’s

Day 55: April Fool's

This is the only photo I took on the 1st of April, apparently. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea.

Day 56: Containment

Day 56: Containment

Day 57: Relaxing

Day 57: Relaxing

Day 58: Daddy’s Helper

Day 58: Helping Daddy

Day 59: Mummy’s Helper

Day 59: Mummy's Helper

Day 60: Done

Day 60: Done

Day 61: Kangaroo Paw

Day 61: Kangeroo Paw

I feel like I am running out of ideas for things I can photograph on a daily basis, there are only so many shots I can take of my washing or dishwasher… If there is something you would like to suggest, I would love to hear it. Challenge me 🙂

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