Easter :)

Yesterday we all got in the car after James got home from work and came to my parents house 🙂 Ellie spent the day following me around as I packed saying “Nanna” and “Papa”, she got very excited about our visit and didn’t want to sleep in the carIMG_5569 on the way – she got more than halfway before she fell asleep. AND she had her first ‘kid’ vomit, poor little bubba.

We’ve had a lovely day today, except Kahlei who’s still getting over the travelling from last night. But, when she was having a good time, she was very cute… Mum bought the girls matching outfits, little lime green skirts and tights with a white shirt. Kahlei looked like a little pixi.

IMG_5591Caleb and Ethan looked after the girls this morning while James and I slept in, Mum was awake but stayed in bed. It was lovely 🙂 The guys are so good with them. I still can’t believe just how into being uncles they are. Ellie has such a blast with them.

IMG_5559James and Caleb planted some bulbs for mum in the front garden. Mum will probably manage to kill the plants, but she is very happy for the moment that they have been put in.

Caleb found a skink, which he put in a container with some dirt, grass and bugs. Hopefully, we wont be finding him in our bed tonight… as he appears to have disappeared!!IMG_5562

IMG_5611Ellie spent time outside playing soccer with Scamp, they had an awesome time while James and Caleb cooked a BBQ dinner and Ethan made a pudding. She literally wore herself out and Scamp thought Christmas had come!!

I am looking foward to tomorrow when James and I will be Easter egg shopping without Ellie, it will be lovely! James has asked the Easter Bunny for something other than chocolate this year, p.s. he likes lollies, so I suppose the ‘Easter Bunny’ has some thinking to do as to what exactly to get Mr. Fussy.


  1. I take GREAT offence that you think I will kill the plants. I don't intentionally kill plants, they commit suicide!!

    I am looking forward to tomorrow too, we are taking Ellie shopping (and for a coffee) – Dad and I spending our 27th wedding anniversary with Ellie is my idea of a perfect day.

  2. Sounds like a great time

    Stopping but from SITS!

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