Such a Big Girl!

Tomorrow Ellie will be 20 months old. Seriously, where has the time gone?

IMG_5908Yesterday, Ellie ‘transitioned’, if you will, from her highchair to the middle stool at the bench. As Kahlei isn’t too far off eating, I decided to get Ellie used to eating somewhere other than the highchair so that it’s not an issue when it’s not hers anymore.

It hasn’t been an issue at all. She is loving being next to us and is less inclined to make quite as much mess as she used to. Now that she sits with Daddy and Mummy, she requires a fork and knife, just like us. Nanna gave her some little toddler cutlery for Christmas and she is surprisingly good at manoevering a knife as well as her fork.

Another ‘big’ thing in the life of Ellie; yesterday she was allowed to play outside on her own for the very first time (with us watching her through the door/windows, of course). We told her she couldn’t go into the yard until she was wearing her boots, as it had been raining. She only had one boot out there, so she tried on Daddy’s.

IMG_5909They were much too big.

So, she happily pottered around on the verandah while James watched her and I put Kahlei to bed and found her other boot. I took it out to her but she didn’t really seem interested, I left them together and left her to it.

Once I was inside, she realised they were there, popped them on and went out into the yard. In that moment, realising that she had done exactly what we had told her (+ having only told her once) I felt so proud!

She is in her room chatting to herself now, after waking up about 5 minutes ago. Tonight I will catch up on replying to comments and reading blogs, for now I should prepare something for her to eat.


  1. I remember those days of new independence. How fun to watch this little one grow! Popping in from sits.

  2. Oh to have those days back when mine were so little. I miss em. Everything is so exciting to them…so cute.

  3. OOOOOH my gosh. Playing outside by herself. She's so grown up.
    tell her Aunty Casey misses her!!!

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