Tuesday’s Tribute: Baby Brain

My youngest child is almost 5 months old and my brain is yet to be returned to me in it’s former ‘thinking’ state. I thought the fog had lifted. I was wrong.

It’s Tuesday? Really?

I had no idea until I started reading blog updates and there were some Tuesday Tributes.. Wow.

So, thank you baby brain for leaving me in an eternally confused/surprised state!

Tuesday's Tribute


  1. Hear, hear! 🙂 I feel the exact same way.

  2. ah the baby brain! I still have it and my baby is 19 months. Maybe I have just gone crazy!

  3. What's wrong with having a baby brain, I ask you?? Mine works quite well thank you! 😉

    BlogBaby (Yup, a BABY who blogs)

  4. So what do I have – Nanna brain?????

  5. I am not sure that the baby brain ever leaves you completely. It is kind of leave your body after giving child birth…permanently and forever altered. 🙂


  6. See what I mean? Case in point…I just typed…giving child birth. It is giving birth!!!

    Baby brain is always with me.

  7. Baby brain, hahahaha im lucky im a boy 😛

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