I said I was going to post my Project 365 photos daily and then I didn’t. I would make my excuses if I could be bothered, but I can’t. Between my tantruming toddler and sleepless baby I am too exhausted to even remember why I didn’t do it in the first place.

Day 77: My Sunshine


Day 78: Soak it up


The view from my Father-in-laws upper veranda

Day 79: Odd Again


It’s either a red and yellow boot or only one boot. Fashion, you know?

Day 80: Tantrum Captured


Day 81: It’s Ba-ack!


My arch Nemesis, the clothes pile has returned with a vengeance!

Day 82: Jumping



  1. Hey Becky!

    I just had a MASSIVE catch up of your site. I haven't been on here for awhile and I feel like i've been missing out. Just wanted to let you know that I still stop by =)

    Much Love xoxo

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site on my SITS day.

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