Tuesday Again

I actually had in my mind that today was Thursday, I was thinking about how I only have to get through a day and a half before I can have the sleep in I so desperately need and then something triggered in my brain, reminding me that it is only Tuesday.

And I was so looking forward to a restful weekend.


I am feeling so run-down, sick, exhausted. To top it off, dear Aunt Flo has arrived and is gracing me with her cramp-inducing presence.  I thought I was over whatever was plaguing me last week, instead I feel even worse.

I have had lots of topics I have wanted to blog about over the past few days, unfortunately, my brain simply isn’t up to the task. So, I will file them away for another day and update my Project 365 today.

Day 83: Bless


This is my cousin, Lauren with Kahlei. So cute.

Day 84: Blurry Man – May


One day I will get a nice shot…
I will!

Day 85: Missing You


Scraps obviously misses his daddy

Day 86: In The Field


Day 87: Following in Daddy’s Footsteps


Ellie trying to garden in Daddy’s boots


  1. i hope you are feeling better soon! what lovely pictures, i love the first + last ones. so sweet!

  2. also. hope you feel better really sooonnn.
    love x

  3. Aunt Flo is a bad houseguest. She arrives at inopportune times and is incredibly tiring to her host. Sometimes, I wish she would just stop visiting me altogether! 🙂

    The weekend will hopefully be here soon. Enjoy your Mother's Day!


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