Turns out I’m not so good at this

I manage to take the photos for Project 365 everyday, I just never seem to get around to posting them. To think, I wanted to start a whole new blog JUST for this.

Day 98: Mummy’s Mooey


Day 99: Messy Miss


Day 100: Testing

IMG_7460 - Copy

Hmm. If I had known which day was going to be my 100th day I might have tried to do something to celebrate instead of it being a test shot.

Day 101: At The Watering Hole


Day 102: Dandoline Wishes


I was actually trying to get a shot as I blew the seeds away, unfortunately it was stubborn and I couldn’t get them to move at all!

Day 103: Ice, Ice Baby


I have yet to take one for today, so I will post that later.

In other news Color With Caryn has a great freebie posted on her blog called Ellie’s Hope, to read about the little girl who inspired this mini kit go here.

You can pick it up here. Don’t forget to leave her some love!


  1. I love the pictures and the free kit 🙂 thanks for sharing girl!

  2. Becky, thanks for blogging this! I just LOVE your photos … oh my goodness! Talented, girl!

  3. You've got great pictures. Yeah you're right you should do a better job posting them coz they're really good! LOL! Happy Memorial Day!

    Visiting here via Sits,

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