Mother of the Year, here I come!

I have had an upset tummy this week, between that and Kahlei sleeping badly thru the night I am utterly exhausted. So, Tuesday morning I get Kahlei settled for a nap, Ellie settled on her couch to watch In the Night Garden and decide to lie down while she watches it. As soon as my head hits the cushion I’m out – I don’t see a single moment of In the Night Garden, even though the TV only went on a moment before it begun. Quite sometime later I awoke to a strange rustling. The first thing I notice is that Ellie is quiet and has had the television for much longer than her normal half hour. But, mainly, Ellie is quiet. I glance at her couch at the same time that I feel a weight on my feet and hear another ominous rustling.

I look and find my Angel sitting happily with an empty packet of Tim Tams on her lap, which she must have gotten off the wall which is behind the couch dividing the kitchen from the lounge. At first I wasn’t sure that she had eaten them as she was much too clean but then I remembered James and I had only had one each the night before and there had been at least two left… Probably more. Still, she was awfully clean… I checked around her for any remains, finding none. She was very pleased with herself, which left no doubt in my mind that she had enjoyed a lovely morning tea!

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  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photies! And the story is brilliant 😉 You'll have to scrap that one…Have her pose with the empty Tim Tams package. Ahahah!

  2. Too funny. At least you got to rest!

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