This afternoon, Ellie went to bed at her normal time but was still awake about an hour later. Having woken Kahlei with her chatter we could clearly hear her telling Kahlei off, saying “Naughty, naughty”. When I went in to see what was going on Ellie was lying in bed and, obviously, Kahlei was still lying in bed, all snuggly wrapped. I asked Ellie what Kahlei was doing that was naughty and she replied “Jumping”. I looked at her and said “Kahlei was jumping?” She gave me a cheeky smile as I picked up Kahlei and said “Poo”. I wasn’t sure if she meant she had done a poo or was telling me that Kahlei stunk (which she did), so I changed the bub and then asked Ellie if she had done a poo as she has been telling me when she needs a nappy change recently, she said yes so I changed her too. She was only wet, though, so I popped her back in bed for her nap.

After a little while of listening to her chatter some more I went back in and, turns out she was telling me she needed to do a poo. Duh Mum. A perfect toilet training opportunity and I completely missed it.

After that she finally went to sleep. Thank goodness.

IMG_7755As it had been raining, James decided to go outside and do some digging while the soil was still soft, so once Ellie was awake I put on her big jacket and boots so she could go outside and do some digging herself. She and Daddy start making what can be only called mud castles by filling her bucket and turning it out on the ground. When James would turn the bucket over and pull it up to reveal the compacted dirt Ellie would get so excited. It was wonderful.

I love these kinds of activities, especially when James gets in there with her. She does too.


Kahlei sat in her rocker to watch. She is so into everything Ellie does. I can’t wait until she can sit up (for longer than 30 seconds) and play in the mud with Ellie. I just know she’ll love eating mud, grass, worms…

Speaking of worms…


They were plentiful due to the recent rain and I thought Ellie would be thrilled with these wriggly little guys. Boy, was I wrong. Grubs and worms apparently freak her out. I wasn’t there when it all started, with her holding a grub until she realised the chubby white thing in her hand was moving!

IMG_7750Every shovelful that revealed a wriggler would bring on a new wave of fear and plenty of cute little drama faces. I tried to get her to look at it with me, showing her that it was harmless while holding her firmly at my side but she didn’t want to know about it.

Then there was this guy…



Once she was all done digging and building she came to sit by me and

there was a snail (a tiny snail) slowly (oh so slowly) making it’s way towards her. As it got ‘closer’ she started shuffling her legs away and pulling her feet up. I tried to tell her it was harmless and show her it’s shell but, again, she would have none of that and started telling me it was time to go inside. She has never done that before!! Ever.

Please excuse the formatting on this post – I seem to be having an issue that I can’t fix right now. Grr. I am pretty sure James will see this and fix it promptly.

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  1. Hey Becky!!

    I've been thinking this for awhile and couldn't find an appropriate place to put it – but I wanted to get it out there so i decided to bite the bullet and type!

    You are exactly the kind of mother that I want to be and hope to be. Kids are still awhile off for me though! – But I hope that when the time arrives I can come to you for advice and recipes for non-toxic play-dough, glue or paint…

    I love that you let the girls be their own unique little people, and don't sweat the little stuff (like worm and dirt eating, getting messy while playing, and the like) and I love how much pride and love you have for your girls.

    Anyways, I've been saying to Danny for ages (after reading your blog) "How awesome is Beck as a Mum!" and now I decided its about time I let you know as well.

    Much Love

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