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I don’t have trophies or awards from my childhood or youth. I wasn’t one for team sports, solo sports, dancing, music… In short I never did anything which would lead to some type of award celebrating my achievements or successes. Even with three brothers who regularly won trophies for which ever sport/instrument they decided to take up I wasn’t too upset by my lack of prizes. After all it was my choice to not participate in things that offered such accolades.

Over the years, as I have become an adult, my wistful thoughts on the subject have been fleeting. Occasionally, I might think about how it would be nice to have a shelf full of shiny trophies or a scrapbook filled with ribbons and awards. I wonder what would be different about my life now if I had those things (not that I want my life to be different, I just wonder what kind of impact they have in the long run, ie would I be more successful?).

Until now I haven’t really thought about how it feels to receive acknowledgement from others when doing something you love. Last Friday I won Layout of the Day at Enchanted Studio Scraps and was over the moon. I felt so validated in my passion. It was amazing. Then, today I sit down for a moment to email my mum and happen to check the Color With Caryn CT forum and find that I have also won Layout of the Week!!! Check my post about LOTD to see the layout I won with.

I am now in the running for Layout of the Month (if you’re an ESS member go here to vote for me). I am up against three gorgeous layouts and don’t expect to win at all, but just to be in the running is amazingly uplifting.To have something I have created recognised is awesome.

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  1. Congrats!
    It's a great layout.
    I voted 🙂

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