Gone in a Flash

The past six months have simply flown past. It’s hard to believe that Kahlei is 6 months old already.  She’s starting to get bigger now – her 0000 suits will have to go away now, some of the bigger suits still fit, but it’s a stretch and she has the cutest chubby cheeks.

I love watching her take things in – you can just see her absorbing everything around her. Getting moving hasn’t been much of a priority for her, she has been happy to go at a slow steady pace and concentrate on filling her little brain with as much information as she possibly can. Only recently has she started the kicking of her legs in anticipation of moving while having tummy time, or pulling her upper body up when she wants to sit up or the constant rolling to get where she wants to go. She’s also started putting her dummy back in and can sit on her own for 30 seconds. Clever monkey. I am enjoying the fact that she’s taking her time to do these things. At this age Ellie was well and truely sitting and almost crawling – she was in a hurry to be on the move and independent and while I was a proud Mumma things go way too fast in the first place without the bub fast tracking things as well!

Although, Ellie would be happy for her to hurry up a bit. She’s forever telling Kahlei “Walk” and showing her with slow, deliberate moves exactly how it’s done.

The only part of her ‘taking it all in’ approach that I worry about is when Ellie’s throwing an award winning tantrum and Kahlei is sitting there smiling and taking in every little aspect. Here’s hoping she won’t be an even bigger Drama Queen than The Diva herself!

IMG_0611 IMG_7831

Look how much she’s grown!

And before I go to bed (I’m writing this the night before because tomorrow we’re getting in the car and going away – yay), tonight we did a ‘bed swap’ before story time:

IMG_7849 IMG_7848

My little girl in the big bed and my big girl in the little bed 🙂


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  1. This post really struck a cord with me. So very true. The infancy months do seem to fly by. It's funny, but I also feel that toddler-dom has a longer reign…or maybe it just feels that way because the kiddos nap less. 🙂

    Wonderful post. Loved seeing the girls in their bed swap.


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