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When I first discovered The Sims 3 was in the pipeline I had just ordered The Sims 2 Apartment Life, the last expansion pack in The Sims 2 line and decided I was going to totally avoid reading anything about the upcoming release. As a busy parent who rarely gets to play the games I already had I decided that my run as a Sims fan (or fanatic) was over.

I avoided checking The Sims 2 sites and forums – just in case. I was doing really well, until James started drawing my attention to screen shots, movies and tantalising tidbits of information that truely tested my resolve. I mentioned, on numerous occassions that I didn’t want to know because I didn’t want the game.

More exciting features were leaked to me by my loving husband and my wavering ‘No Sims 3’ stance took many blows, until I could resist no longer and had to peek at the video he was showing me. Who was I kidding? Of course I wanted it. All the things I never knew I wanted were being put into this release. A seamless neighbourhood in which to move about freely, endless customisation, the ability to create a truely unique Sim through a completely new create-a-sim where you can change practically everything in relation to their appearance and through the new personality traits.

Check out this Official Trailer out

The Sims 3 Trailer

Now you want it, too, right?

Yes, I wanted it. Still, I didn’t ask for it and only took a couple of sneek peeks while wishing wistfully. Then, one day James came home all excited and as he has trouble keeping secrets from me he told me that he had pre-ordered it for me. How gorgeous of him!!

The release date was approaching and it was nice and close to my birthday; I had grand plans of Nanna having the girls for a day so I could play to my heart’s content. But, the game never arrived. Two days ago James got an email stating that his order had been delayed.

I can’t begin to describe how annoyed I am! I figure the whole point of a pre-order is to get the game as close to release date as possible without having to contend with searching the stores for what you want. Serious frustration.

Yesterday I entered The Sims 3 Ultimate Aussie Fan competition. By supporting my Fan Page and helping me out you can also win a prize for yourself! How cool is that? So, please support me (and validate it through the email they send). I will be updating my page with content, news, videos and pictures as much as I can, so if you’re interested in all things Sim check regularly for the latest!

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