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I haven’t written much here about our neighbour, possibly because I have nothing positive to say about the lady. As a rule I disagree with the use of ‘Bitch’ to describe women, but in this case it is truelly fitting. She hasn’t spoken to us in 6 and a half months after she decided to yell at James on our front lawn. We were in a hurry to get to the Doctors and he didn’t have time to stop and talk to her about the fact taht she had hired a man to prune (hack) the trees in our front yard (on common property) and had taken the money out of our joint account without so much as a word to us. Once we got home, she had a fit about how we parked our car and came around banging on the front door while Ellie was having a sleep. Since that day (a day before Kahlei’s birth) she hasn’t said a word to us. Instead, she makes it known that she doesn’t like us by being as loud as possible when the babies are trying to sleep –  stamping up and down her front steps, practically yelling when she speaks and general annoyances. But, today she surparssed all, even the times she used to yell for James to come talk to her from her verandah or phone us and demand he come around for any whim that took he fancy. More so than her ripping us off in how we split our bills and suggesting that she should pay even less.

This morning she had a garage sale. On common property. Without a single word to us. Luckily, James’s mum phoned last night to warn us, otherwise I think James would have stormed out there when all the noise drew his attention to the people milling around on our driveway, near his car and all the cars in our street parking us in. Last night her family arrived late, making as much noise as could be possible and then this morning they started scraping the furniture from out the back to take down to the street (which is right next to my head in bed).

To save James from making a scene (mainly because we have to stay in this street) we went to visit his mum. Ellie had a lovely time playing with the dogs, cat and watching the fish.

And when we came home we decided to get into the house as noisily as she normally doe (yes, a little childish, but it was fun) and boy she must use a whole lot of energy to be so loud and annoying!!!!!!

Anyway, she will be gone soon and we’ll have new neighbours. I really hope it’s somebody nice and we don’t have any dramas.

Now, I have some layouts to post 🙂

Digiridoo Scraps Designers:

Spice of Life collab kit by The Digiridoo designers

Sweet Turtles by Designs by Pebbles

Counrty Charm by DigiDesigned byWilma

Country Charm by DigiDesigned byWilma

Tangerine by Sarah Barber Designs

Template Pack 2 by Felicia Staulters
Zoo Friends by
Felicia Staulters

Family Time Word Art by
Felicia Staulters
A Day Just For Dad Remixed by
Inspiredbydominic Designs

Oh, also – I have some Sims 3 Inspired Papers available for download here

Sim Preview


  1. Sorry about the garage sale, but look on the bright side, her getting rid of all those things has to mean it's closer to her moving out!!!

    Love the papers, especially the one of your dad.

    Love you. Mum

  2. Those are great LO's you did there, Becky. Thank you much!

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