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I am all alone in a very quiet house. No husband, no babies. Just me. It’s weird and not at all exciting or relaxing as I imagine it should be. I’m still here, while my family is roaming the town with Grandma, because it’s my sleep-in day. Every morning when Ellie gets me up early after a shocking night with Kahlei I look to Saturday, I yearn for my time to sleep while someone else gets up. So, I am feeling ripped off right now, as by the time James got the girls dressed and ready I was well and truly awake and once they had gone my neighbour started making a racket and I just couldn’t get back to sleep. So, now I am just a tad grumpy with a killer headache, waiting for James to call. I don’t want to call him, as he’ll probably think I am checking up on him after I kept reminding him about things he would need to take last night and I think he was insulted. It’s not that I don’t think he can take care of the girls, it’s just that he’s not done this before and I know for experience what you need to make an outing bareable!

Now, I want to share Caryn’s new release, A New Day.

Let me tell you, I have been amazed, inspired and touched by the layouts Caryn’s CT have made with this kit. Something about this kit encouraged the most beautiful, heartfelt and honest pages. I already knew these women were awesome but the things that were shared – just wow. I strongly encourage you to visit Caryn’s Blog and check out what everyone has created.

Here are my LOs

Because3 Beauty2

(click image to see larger)

If you’re inspired and ready to create something beautiful and touching grab this kit from one of Caryn’s stores Digiridoo Scraps, ESS, SDD and and, to make it even more tempting it is currently 40% off till SUNDAY ONLY!

To top it all off Erin of Scrappyweiss Designs has created an awesome freebie to co-ordinate with A New Day. You can get it here. Make sure you leave Erin some love when you download it!


  1. Oh I can't stand it when that happens! I hope things got better for you … how's your toe!?

    Thanks for the lovely post… your layouts were just beautiful! And your kiddos…well, have you tried a modeling agency!? 😉

    Lova ya!

  2. There's an award for you on my blog 😀

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