Back to the Drawing Board

It will probably surprise you all to find out James and I did not win the $100 million jackpot last night. I know, what a shock! You’re probably having a hard time digesting this fact, so I will share some photos from today before I go on:

This is what happens when you let Ellie pick her own clothes. Tights under shorts with yellow gumboots. Fashionista in the making, hehe.

Are you over the shock? So, we bought our tickets, dreamed big dreams and won nothing. James was in serious planning mode; right down to the cars he was going to fill a large shed with and I suspect he even knew what kind of fish he was going to have in his massive fish tank. Honestly, we don’t win  lotto all the time, so it shouldn’t really be that big a deal. Yet, somehow it is. I didn’t have the dreams of grandeur, the plans to buy and renovate whole streets or ideas of our own personal ‘commune’ (ie lots of houses for friends and family near us). For me it was the thought of moving, of getting out of this town and finally being close to my parents. We do plan to move, however, it is quite a while away… Unless we win lotto. Which we didn’t.

I wouldn’t be adverse to selling up and just going. Once there I could get a part time job to help out, as my parents could have the girls, but James is dead against this option. Getting a job here is out of the question as childcare costs would make the whole exercise pointless, so I need to find other ways to contribute to saving to move. I’m not sure, yet, what I will do. What I do know, is that I need to feel like I am doing something to make things go faster because I want to get out of here as soon as I possibly can. For now, I have decided to resurrect my RedBubble account. It’s always been there but I haven’t added any new content for a very long time.

I’ve not yet had any work sold, but I hope that something of my new stuff will catch somebody’s eye and they’ll want it. Today I uploaded these:

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