*tap tap* Is This Thing On??

Hello?? Is anybody out there?? I haven’t had any comments for AGES!! I love my readers and the little snippets you leave on my blog. I want to hear more from you, learn more about you dear reader… So, on Tuesday’s I am going to ask a question about you for you to answer in a comment.

This week I’m going to start with an easy one. I want to know what your yummiest meal has been latelyand why? James recently made us pumpkin soup. It was delicious, nice and thick and tasty. I was left warm, full and happy. An orange bowl of happiness!! We have some leftovers in the freezer for ‘later’ but I already want to get it out again. Yummy scrummy.

So, come out of lurking and let me know 😉

Now, onto some of my most recent LOs:

Peek-a-Boo Shh-Baby
Shabby Summer
by Digi Overdose

Template by Mychl’s Flights of Fancy available on the Digiridoo blog for Template Tuesday
The Sweet Shoppe by Jscrapbug

Serene Breeze by LDrag Designs
Created for A Challenge A Day hosted by Simply Sarah

I have also uploaded another two photographs to Redbubble:

Now, go on – Answer Me This 🙂



  1. Hey Becky!
    I always read… just never seeem to have time to leave a comment! But I will try… at least on Tuesdays!
    My favorite meal at the moment is Chicken San Choi Bow. It takes about 3 mins to cook, is low in fat and DELICIOUS!
    MMMMM I want it now!!

  2. I'm here! Stopping by from SITS….will take a look around now. Hope to see you stopping by my place soon. Happy Tuesday!

  3. I make an excellent meatloaf! I can't really take any of the credit as it is my mother-in-laws recipe but oh my is it good. Definitely a family favorite around here.

  4. Hiya Becky!

    I have actually never been by before. I am loving your pictures you posted. That sunset is awesome. What is the 2nd pic though? A cup?

    Love your layouts and thanks for playing in the Challenge a Day!!! Cant wait to see more.

  5. I follow you with my google reader 🙂 Does that make me a stalker?
    Love your layouts 🙂
    We had pasta last night. A rich meaty sauce with 10 different veg hidden in it so my 4yo son will eat his veg and it blends well for the baby. Loads of garlic! I make a lot of it and we freeze half and get 2 nights out of each half so it's the same again tonight.
    Gotta love nice hot pasta on a cold night!

  6. My favourite meal is corned meat with white sauce, your dad cooks the meal with great panache, but the white sauce is my speciality, and it's not the same without it. Dad cooked my favourite meal on Monday night – yum. If you are really lucky, we won't make it for you when you come next (considering you don't like it).

    I love the Shhh layout the best I think.

    Love ya. Mumeroo. xoxox

  7. 🙂 I was AWOL for a while, but now I'm back! hmm… favorite meal…. was probably when I was with my family in Spokane last week and we were all munching on tons and tons of sliced fresh fruit – watermelon, grapes, cantelope, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, blue berries. It was SO good, and I normally have trouble getting myelf to eat as much fruit as I should. 🙂

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