Taking The Plunge

The other weekend we bought Ellie some adorable Little Miss undies, which she chose herself, with the intent to start toilet training. So, for now I’ve been putting her in undies when we go outside for morning tea to kind of ‘phase’ her (or maybe me) into it. Yesterday, I put them on her and we went outside where we played, had morning tea, I hung clothes and then James called and we decided we needed milk so the girls and I went out… I got to the shop and picked Ellie up to cross the road and realised she was still only wearing undies. So, I told her “Don’t do a wee” and we did our shop. When I was putting her in the car I reminded her “Don’t do a wee until we get home.” And she didn’t. We got home and she was still dry, so I popped her on the potty. She sat there forever. Reading. Singing. Telling jokes. Eventually she was no longer happy to sit there so I figured she really musn’t need to go… but she’d not been in AGES.

I got her off the potty and reminded her to come and tell me if she needs to do a wee.

Of course, she didn’t. I’d barely turned around and she had wet herself. This is how it seems to go. For whatever reason she will no longer go on the potty. She will sit there happily until she really needs to go and gets off. If I try and get her to stay she throws a fit. I don’t want potty training to be an issue, so I think we’ll leave it for now. The two things that frustrate me most about this are 1- she was doing wees on the potty, but I couldn’t commit to full-on training at the time as Kahlei was still very demanding and 2- she hates to have her nappy changed. She wants to sit up instead of lying down and once the nappy’s off she wants to get up and run around. Grr.

I am thinking we’ll just wait it out and see if she starts showing signs that she’s ready. Again.

I’m also trying to wean Kahlei off being wrapped for bed. During the night she wakes herself up when she wriggles and unwraps herself and she’s getting too big to be wrapped tighly enough that she can’t get out, so I decided yesterday it was time. Ellie stopped being wrapped at a very young age and had no issue with the transition, mostly because she wanted to be able to move but Kahlei has trouble distinguishing that it’s bed time if I haven’t wrapped her up. She will lie in bed and talk to her animals or play with the mobile. Once she does go to sleep, though, she sleep better. Last night she only woke 3 times for feeds, as opposed to 5 or more because suddenly her arms are free…

To help her figure out it’s bed time, I have chosen some words to say to help her. Obviously, I always say something but it’s never exactly what I said the last time, so I have a little nighty night saying to help her associate that with bed. Once she’s got that we should have some better nights…

Anyway, I should get going, we’re going to visit my grandparents tonight/tomorrow as my parents will be there so we can pick up Caleb. He’s going to come visit with me for the holidays 🙂

AND if you’ve been loving the kits I’ve shown you from Color With Caryn, sadly,  she’s having a closing shop sale at all three of her stores, so you should go and pick some awesome deals up – Digiridoo, Enchanted Studios and Scrappity Doo-Dah

OH!!! And I wanted to say thanks for those of you who commented and answered my question on Tuesday. All your answers made me think I should start expanding my cooking repertoire!! If you haven’t yet Answered Me This but you’d like to, you can do so here 🙂


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