Answer Me This

Hmm, I posted this earlier but it appears we’ve had a glitch!

This week I’m going to stick with an easy question: What is your drink of choice?

For me, it’s coke all the way. I love my coke, used to drink at least 2 litres a day (can you say addicted?). Now, it’s just for special occassions.

I will do a more updated post later on, for now we have Caleb visiting and I’ve put us over quota so the internet is slooooooooooow as…


  1. Coffee!!!!
    Fresh home ground beans in a nice micro foam cappuccino 🙂
    we've even grown and roasted our own beans.
    Now that's an addiction!

  2. Cappuccino – 1/4 strength (I know it's weak, but it's how I like it!!) is what I regularly like to have. But when I'm out for an 'occasion' I like to drink Lemon,Lime and Bitters.

    Yes you are a Coke-a-holic, isn't that why I buy it when you come to visit???

  3. Coke is definatly my fav too Becky!

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