Color Me Crazy!

Battle of the Creative Teams has started over at DSA and I am on the amazing Color With Caryn’s team: Color Me Crazy! I have just uploaded my layout for round 1

(image is linked)

Check out the other girl’s LOs: Brenda and Erin have uploaded already and I will link to the other layouts as they’re added to the gallery.


IMG_9500Today we took the kiddos for a walk out to the point. We climbed over rocks and explored rock pools. Ellie is a real adventurer. She was so into climbing the rocks on her own.

IMG_9513We watched seals in the ocean (well, their flippers anyway) and searched for the whale that was meant to be out there.

IMG_9527Caleb found a crab, which had him intrigued. See him looking at me?? freaky.

IMG_9543On our way back to the point we checked out the shipwrecked boiler. Ellie had a good look around and was sooo cute!

IMG_9552James and I thought we saw a penguin… however, it turned out to be some other bird – so, here’s a photo of ‘not a penguin’

IMG_9573This is ‘not a seal’. Once Caleb made it back to the point Caleb thought he saw the seals on the beach… I think we all need to get our eyes checked!

IMG_9564It was so much fun. The only problem was my toe 🙁 it’s still really very sore, so it made the whole thing harder than it should have been but it was so worth it.

IMG_9502 This is the kind of outing I have been wanting to do for a long time now and seeing the delight of Ellie made it so amazing. Kahlei really enjoyed it, too, even though she was exhausted.

IMG_9577Love family outings <3

And before I go – I just want to say YAY! Julie won MasterChef! She was one of my favourites from the very start. I am so happy for her!

And if you want to Answer Me This you can do it here.

IMG_9502Ellie is a real adventurer. She was so into climbing the rocks on her own.

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