Frustrating Yet Soo Cute!

Ellie has started being interested in ‘helping’ me feed Kahlei her dinner. It started the other night as I was feeding Kahlei while cooking our tea. Ellie came up and picked up the spoon while I was stiring the chicken and that was it. Now, it’s her job. If I’m doing it she’s not at all happy. Mostly she does okay, but tonight she was all about pretending to chew everytime she got the spoon near Kahlei’s mouth, so the food was going all over poor Kahlei and Ellie’s standing there going “mmm mmm mmm“.




How cute is it?

I have uploaded a few more photos to Redbubble that I would like to share, too.

Images are linked, feel free to click thru – take a look, leave a comment or buy 😉 Okay, so I am actually avoiding getting into my BOTCT layout for week 3… so, I should get stuck into that.

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  1. Thanks so much for your comments over on my blog! It's amazing how such a seemingly insignificant thing (like a little comment) can really make my day! I can't wait to see your BOTCT layout for this week – Going by the previous weeks, I'm sure it will be amazing!

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