August Cyber Crop

Digiridoo Scraps is hosting another Cyber Crop this weekend. Check ou the kit for the PBC – doesn’t it look awesome? Come along and join in the fun!

While you’re there check out my challenge! It’s the first I have ever hosted and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! AND you get an awesome stamp alpha by Tiffany of  Inspired by Dominic Designs just for particippating!


I am not feeling too crash hot at the moment. Got a bit of a head cold/chesty thing going on. Yesterday we went to the Drs and he said he has seen some confirmed cases of Swine flu and to just keep an eye on things. Afterwards, I had to go for a blood test. I hate needles. They terrify me. So, I go into the waiting room and am quickly called by the guy who did my last blood test, which makes me even more nervous as he’s very shaky. He left the room to get some vials, bringing back six and then proceeded to get out another 7 in front of me. As I looked at the 13 vials I began to panic. Just a little. He stood there for a moment, umming and ahhing, before he said he could probably cut it down. Phew!

So, he did. To 12.

He starts getting things ready and I turn away to intently read the sign on the wall about blood. It felt like it was taking literally forever and it was starting to hurt and he goes “Almost done,” and I tentively turn towards him and my tingling right arm as he adds “Just six more to go.”

Oh. Back to studying the sign!

Once it was all over I felt drained, my arm felt heavy and my head light. I still feel light headed, probably from the head cold rather than the blood test now though!


  1. Poor you…. I couldnt do that many vials of blood. I hate needles also…. I passed out in boot camp after getting shots with an air gun! Yea… not too cool.

    I hope you feel better! No getting sick on us.

  2. I'm with you…hate needles. Hope you feel getter soon.

    Saying Hi from SITS

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