Kahlei’s First…

Kahlei is really growing up fast now. Yesterday she had her second tooth cut thru (middle, bottom, right) and started ‘bopping’ to music. Over the past few days she has started to crawl backwards and can get from one side of the room to the other quite quickly.

Today she did two new things that I am excited about. Firstly, she fell asleep on the floor. This might not seem like anything exciting, but somehow it is. Ellie was always such a pain to get to sleep anywhere and Kahlei is very routine orientated, but if she wants to go to sleep before her normal time she starts to whinge. Today, she was playing on her mat while Ellie and I got paint and morning tea ready. When we were ready I told Ellie to go and see if Kahlei was ready while I put everything on the tray. As I came around the bench Ellie was saying “Are you sleeping?” and I just assumed that Kahlei was facing away from her, but when I looked the little darling was fast asleep. So, Ellie and I went outside and sat on the veranda while Kahlei had her little nap.

Once Kahlei was up we sat on the grass to have some morning tea and do some painting. Kahlei has been interested in watching Ellie paint previously, so I had the brain wave to let her join in today. I gave her a paint brush, which she waved around, had a bit of a suck on and then discarded in favour of playing with the paper. When she started reaching for the tubs of paint I had another brainwave – as Ellie was finished painting – I tipped all the remaining paint onto the tray and let her get her hands dirty. She LOVED it. Ellie joined in, squishing the paint around.

I remember doing something like this with Ellie at about the same age as Kahlei is now. She spent the whole time eating the paint. Kahlei spent the whole time exploring the feel of the paint between her fingers and watching as she mixed the colours together. At the end of it she had lots of paint up her arms and barely any on her face. They had a blast.

I, of course, have some happy snaps that I wanted to share here, but for whatever reason our gallery won’t upload them and my resident computer man is currently working on someone else’s computer problem via phone (ie James’s mum needs help, too). So, once he’s done that I will get him onto this. Poor thing 😉

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