Been Sick

So, we went to the Doctors the other week (was that the last time I posted? I can’t even remember) and I have been sick since. It’s always the way – we go for something innocent like immunisations (okay, that doesn’t sound so innocent, but you get what I mean) or whatever and someone always ends up catching something. Luckily, I only had a head cold and tummy bug – not swine flu, as our Dr mentioned he had seen some confirmed cases and it really puts you off when you walk into the surgery reception area and there are people with face masks on. Of course, they don’t necissarily have swine flu, it’s a precaution the surgery asks you to take if you have flu like symptoms (or a precaution you take yourself if you’re worried about what others in the room may be carrying), but you still sit as far away from those people as possible. Really, you should probably sitting closer to them, since they’re actually doing the right thing and not sitting there coughing all over everybody…

All-in-all last week was miserable. I am feeling better now, however. Luckily – there is plenty to do before Case comes on Wednesday, my grandparents on Thursday and Ellie turns 2 on Friday. Can you believe it?

Speaking of which I need to clear the space where her pressie will go!! Before I go – some LOs.

Here is one I did of Kahlei’s first finger painting experience using the newest kit by LDrag Designs called Doodle-luscious.


AND, I had decided to not join any more CTs for the time being, but then the opportunity to compete to be on Jeanette Bollinger‘s CT and I simply COULD NOT pass up the chance!! Click the link and check out her amazing designs. So, I did two layouts and made it onto her team, I am thrilled! Here are my first two layouts using All The Elements by Jeanette Bollinger Designs;


Okay, off to do something!!

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  1. Sorry that you've been sick my darling and that we don't live closer to each other – I would have looked after the girls for you to recuperate. Love the layouts.
    Talk to you soon.
    Love. Mumeroo

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