Well, both girlies are starting to pick up. They’re both getting back to their cheeky, active selves.

Kahlei has realised that she can only move backwards and is quite capable of finding her way to whatever catches her eye. She scouts out the area, hones in on something, turns around and does her little wiggly-backwards crawl where ever she wants to go and then she turns back around to her intended target. She’s fast, too, for all the monevering she has to do. The evening she went and got one of my books off the bookshelf and took it halfway across the loungeroom before I even realised she had it!

Ellie’s really starting to grow up. Today, she brought me a flower and when I said thank you she replied with “You’re welcon”. It was adorable. She is also at a stage where she is constantly making us aware of what is hers. Which, unfortunately means she is not a very good sharer at the moment. Yesterday, I wanted her to play with Kahlei and I as I passed the balloon to Kahlei. When Ellie realised we were using her balloon with a 2 on it she snatched it up and held it behind her back. When I asked her to share with Kahlei she pointed at the balloon and said “Ellie”. She has said “mine” or “that’s mine” in these situations before, but never put her name to it like that.

She is also aware of what is not hers. The other day we were outside having morning tea and Kahlei tried to give Ellie a piece of biscuit she had been munching on. Ellie looked at it and said “That’s yours. Kahlei.”


My girls watching TV together.

Okay – so, it’s Ellie watching TV and Kahlei playing with Ellie’s hair.

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  1. They are too cute! It's amazing what children can come up with sometimes without even trying!

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