September Already?

This year is really flying, isn’t it? I have been a terrible blogger of late. I want to update but somehow it never happens. I open up a new post and then it sits there for a few days until I try again.

Anyway, last weekend my mum, brothers and cousin came to belatedly celebrate Ellie’s second birthday. We had a wonderful weekend. Ellie slept over at the caravan park with Nanna and had a blast. She got somewhat obsessed with the jumping pillow there, however she was too scared to jump on it herself. Even now, she will randomly start telling me about the “Pileww” and how it was “a bit scary” and that it’s for “jumping”. Here are the boys on it:


And here are some piccies from her ‘party’


And from now on I will be a better blogger!

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  1. Aww, Becky I absolutely love their fairy outfits. They are both such gorgeous girls. I cannot believe how big Kahlei is now! and Ellie too.

    Last time I saw you all, Kahlei was very very new and now she's sitting up all by herself!

    Ellie looks like she had a fantastic 2nd Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to her from Danny and I.

    Much love. xx

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