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Today I thought about all the things I would update you guys on when I got the chance… And not that I am here I cannot remember them!

The girls are doing many things. Kahlei is officially on the move, she doesn’t crawl on her hands and knees often, it’s more like a worm wiggle – yesterday she crawled right out of her jeans! She has another new tooth coming thru and is being a mega grump currently, which really isn’t like her. She is loving all the left over balloons from Ellie’s birthday and is able to catch them and likes to hit them to me. She has also started playing rolls when we’re outside together. She catches the ball in between her feet and then pushes it back to me. Her favourite song is Old Macdonald and when we’re singing it, I swear she sings it too. And she dances all the time!

Ellie has started climbing into the cot. She is forever in there and has no fear in this regard. She is learning the words to songs so very quickly and is so cute as she dances and sings to Pink (she LOVES Pink). Recently, she has started refering to herself as Ellie when trying to make a point and has started recognising herself in photos (unless they’re baby photos, then she insists it’s Kahlei). She has an amazing grasp on language and is constantly surprising me with the things she says, mostly in a good way… Sometimes, not so muhc; like when my mum and brothers were here. She fell over and promptly said the ‘f’ word. I cannot tell you how mortified I was. She had the right inflection and all. I have no idea where she picked it up and hope (probably in vain) she will not repeat that particular performance.

Well, I should go to bed and drag my husband away from the slanging match he and my brother are having over Mafia Wars before it ends in tears.

Tomorrow I will be back with a freebie!!!

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  1. Sounds like they are doing great. Love your designs!

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