Avon Calling… Again??

Just after I finished work as an Insurance Consultant, before Ellie was born, I had a wonderful plan to become an Avon representative. I figured it would bring in a little extra money and once I had a baby it would help me get back into shape. So, I started out, all excited about the prospect of this little enterprise.

So, I did my rounds and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, I ended up spending more money on the brochures than what I made – in fact I only got one order the whole time and that was because my mum was wonderful enough to ‘need’ something. In the end it was taking so much time and energy and costing us money so I gave it away.

From time to time they have sent me a brochure to look at and asked if I am interested in joining again, as nobody has taken over my territory. Each time I have politely decined. With the two girls and my previous experience I couldn’t really see it working out.

But, now I am desperate to make some kind of money to help us along. Just a little. We need to get so much done to the house to have it ready to sell and we need to save whatever we can so that when it does go on the market we can be ready to move.

Back in July I revived my RedBubble account and started adding new content, hoping that a little money would come my way. No such luck. I have still not sold a thing. I suppose that’s just not my thing. It’s a pity because I really enjoy it and would love for it to be more than a hobby.

I have also started dabbling in designing digital scrapbooking kits (go here for my latest freebie, if you haven’t already). I love it. I am currently halfway through designing my very first full kit. I am excited. And, again I would love for this to bring in a little money, but I don’t know how exactly that can happen. I don’t want to commit to a store time that I do not have to give and I don’t want to feel pressured to meet specific deadlines which might interfere with my time with the girls. I don’t know if there are stores out there with flexible commitment requirements who are willing to take on a newbie like me. I will have to do some research on that… But, currently, I am thinking this wont be what I want it to be, either.

Which leaves Avon or the like. I can’t go out to work becasue we simply cannot afford childcare and I want to be with my girls. I honestly don’t know what to do to bring in a few extra dollars. I keep telling myself there has to be something I can do, but everything seems to fizzle out or be a deadend. Maybe people want Avon products now?? Ideas, anyone??

Just because I can, here are my latest uploads to RedBubble

(Images are linked)

And for those of you who are interested in checking out my newest layouts, head over to my CT Blog. I was having WAY too much trouble uploading them here. Don’t forget to leave me some love 🙂


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  1. I remember selling Avon when I was a teenager, it certainly didn't line my pockets with silver. And it was often hard to get the catalogues back from people who didn't plant to buy since I was going around after school and people were still at work.

    I absolutely LOVE your photos though. I've not heard of redbubble before, but I am now having a good browse through! The colours in all three that you've linked to here are so vibrant and surreal.

    I also like "wrecked" and "busy bee" a lot.

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