My promise of being a better blogger ended up being a lie!! Oops. So, I thought I would come and do an update on life. Firstly – James turned 26 last Wednesday, I had actually written a Happy Birthday post, which I thought I had published but musn’t have… So – Happy belated Birthday to my love.


Kahlei is meeting milestones in leaps and bounds now that she is mobile. Last Thursday she said “Mumma” for the very first time – I was sooo thrilled as I’ve been hearing Dadda for quite some time. She also says hello, mostly in reply to Ellie and I swear I have heard her say Ellie, too.

That same day she started pulling herself up onto her knees, trying to stand up and cut her third tooth. It was a big day! Today, she has finally started crawling on her on her knees – before she looked like she was swimming, she would reach out with her hands, put them together and pull her body towards them. It was a very effective way to crawl, as she was so fast!

Unlike Ellie, Kahlei is happy to show off her newest skills on command. If I say wave, she will. If I ask her to clap she obliges. Very cute.


Ellie’s growing up fast, too. She is forever telling us stories. While this is not new in itself it is new that she’s actually telling us things she remembers … and sometimes elaborating on that memory. Her favourite story is from when my mum and brothers came to visit for her party. She loves to talk about the ‘Pileww’ (pillow, ie jumping pillow). She will tell us about people jumping on it. Joshy, Max, Caleb, Nanna and Casey. At the start of these stories she would tell us ‘a bit scary’ but these days she is also jumping on the pileww. As is Kahlei. Sometimes, Daddy’s on there and even more amazingly, sometimes Grandpa’s having a jump (he didn’t come). Once we’ve discussed this in detail we move onto the pool.

She’s not been swimming in a pool before, but she saw Ethan and Caleb doing so. She’ll tell us about the ‘mawter’ (water) and about swimming and splashing while making very convincing swimming actions for someone who has never actually swum.

Ellie is also treading very close to the Terrible Two line. She sure has some attitude and can often be heard saying no, mine, give me it, no, no and no. We’ve started using the naughty chair, which actually worked like a charm the first few times we did it, however she is now pushing the boundaries. The other day she didn’t want to stay on it, I had to put her back on numerous times.


As for me, I am enjoying watching my girls grow up and the way they interact with each other.  I have been working on a full kit, which I hope will be ready in the not too distant future and have recently joined two more awesome CTs. One for Honey Designs and as a Pixie at Enchanted Studio Scraps. I am loving all the kits I have been able to work with recently. Honestly, I have not had one I’ve struggled with ideas. They’ve all spoken to me in different ways and I have been so happy with what I have come up with. I honestly can say that I work with some of the most amazing designers.

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in going into the draw to win one of four cluster frames pop over to my CT Blog and leave a comment to go into the running! While you’re there check out my newest LOs 😉

This is just one of the frames you could win.

Made by Holly – check out her blog here.

Right, I must be off now. I will try and be back sooner rather than later. If you leave me some love I’m sure I’ll find the motivation 😉

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  1. When you come to visit, we'll have a scrapping night. You need to keep adding entries to your blog – how else am I going to know what's happening with you all.

    Love you.


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