I meant to post these the other day. Ellie got a camera for her birthday, the other day she ran out of memory and, apparently, had some urgent shots to take as she swiftly got mine and was snapping away. When I put all my photos on the laptop I had a look and found her perspective very interesting. Maybe we have a Photographer in the making…


The second and fourth ones are my faves.

Kahlei’s really trying to stand. Today, I watched her trying to pull herself up against our coffee table. She was so intent on doing it, she had her bottom up off the floor, her little face was red with the exurtion. She was so focused. I don’t think it will be long until she’s pulling herself up on everything. She loves to chase Ellie around and I think she’s wanting a more even playing field!

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  1. How precious to have these pics snapped at such a young age- and up and coming photographer! Thanks for stopping by my blog.Its great to meet another artistic scrapper. 🙂

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