We’ve had a full day, starting with getting up bright and early and going out to BBQ Breakfast. My mum had a strange clown man admire her hair (“You have beautiful hair” were his exact words) while we were waiting in line for our brekky. The proceeds from our gold coin donations go towards the Jane McGrath Foundation.

There was a Jazz band, jumping castles, sack races and some race car drivers telling us about car safety.

IMG_3224We made our way to a better vantage point to watch the Pantac Parade, which I had actaully never been to before. It was exciting. Seeing the huge trucks driving by, hearing their horns, seeing the crowd’s enthusiasm… Ellie wasn’t sure about it at first, but soon warmed up and was waving at the drivers.

Kahlei was not phased at all by all the commotion. Not the crowd, not the huge trucks, not even the noise.

After the parade, I was approached by a Prime News Reader and his camera man. He wanted to ask me a IMG_3228few questions, but I politely declined, so he made a bee-line for Mum, who did not say no. Instead, she let him ask her his questions and proceeded to tell me she hated me when she was done (I know she doesn’t). We’ve since found her little snippet on the net. Check out her moment of fame.

We made our way back to the shopping centre for a donut and a drink to discover the FPR boys there for a signing, so James, Ellie, Kahlei and I lined up while Mum went to get her wallet. When we were about 5 people away, they ran out of posters, and us we had nothing to have signed we gave up and went on to have our drinks. When we were finished we decided to see what the line was like and pretty much went striaght to the front.

IMG_3233It was James’s first ever signing. I am so excited for us to be doing this!!!

After a little bit of a rest at Mum and Dad’s it was time to go back out for the B-Rock BBQ with the Stars. James, Ellie and I lined up in the Ford line while Mum went in the Holden line for me (thanks Mummy 🙂 and Ethan had Kahlei. Ellie made friends with one of the drivers – she got a high five, I wish I had thought to look at his name, as he was someone I didn’t know. We got thru pretty quick and decided to go and do the V8 Ute


line, too. We got a free hat and pen!

IMG_3261IMG_3254Once Mum was out of the Holden line she said she would take the girls while we went back thru the Ford line to get Craig Lowndes and Jamie Wincup from 888 to sign our posters as Ellie had decided to be a pain. So, we waited and waited. This time around the line moved soooo slow. I was in major pain from a fall the previous day, but we were halfway there. I didn’t want to bail. Then, when we got to the second row they cut the line!!! ARGH!!! We could see them, we were so close! There wasn’t that many of us to go thru, so we weren’t thrilled at all.Oh well, hopefully tomorrow!!!


Have I mentioned I LOVE Race Week???

For now I have to go to bed as I am sore and exhausted and we’ve got another big day tomorrow 🙂


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  1. Its RACE WEEK!!! Hope you guys have a ball and the kids enjoy themselves. I always remember having such a good time at the races and all race week activities as a kid. Hope they come to enjoy it like we do/did.

    Unfortunately I wont get to come down (Caleb was asking the other day =) but I look forward to catching up with your experiences from the weekend.

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