Day 1 – Bathurst 1000

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying James on his first ever pilgrimage to the mount. I have always maintained that there is nothing like being there, seeing, hearing and feeling the experience that is the Bathurst 1000, so I am estatic that we’re here. Not only that, but we are doing things I have never done before, too. Our tickets are general + paddock, I have only ever had general admission – man, who knew I was missing out on so many amazing things????

James, Ellie, Kahlei and I went up to the Mount to check things out. We meandered around, unsure where to go to see the practice round until we decided to check out the cars from the GT Championship, which we had seen come in. From there we discovered we could go along and see in the back of The Pits. Seeing the cars in the garages was sooo exciting! My first brush with fame was Tom Williams, I loved him in Dancing with the Stars!!! I was a little shocked when he walked in front of me that I only got photos of his back. Smooth.

We spent some time hanging around waiting to see Lowndes go to his car, by this time Ellie and Kahlei were getting a bit ratty, so we switched Ellie into the pram, which she was happy for and Kahlei was thrilled to be out, seeing everything there was to see. Eventually,  he came out and he was literally swamped with fans. I just wanted to snap a photo or two but I literally could not see the man. He made his way to his garage, but every step he was surrounded. He was really good natured about it, though.

We waited, hoping to see him start up his car and go, but he went out to watch the other racers, so we watched for a while before Kahlei had had enough.

James was helped by some scantily clad girls (he says “lovely young ladies”) up to the top of the bridge and once on the other side we proceeded to the Team Vodafone tent, where we spent our life savings. Okay, so not literally, but we did all get matching polo shirts – we are going to be the cutest family out there. From there we spent the rest of our life savings on bucket hats for Crispy and I. Crispy being James because by this time it was obvious that he was burnt.

Our first family 1000 experience was so good. We’re sore, burnt and tired, but it was so worth it. Bring on tomorrow.

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  1. Woo!! Glad you guys are having a ball. Being in the pits was is exciting. If you hang around long enough you can get a heap of signatures and things. We met Barry Sheen and got the whole DJR Team Signatures one year. Brilliant.

    Hope you guys continue to have a ball!

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