My Famous Family :)

James and Ellie made it onto the news tonight! We didn’t get to see it, though.

We were waiting in line to meet Roary and Craig Lowndes, Ellie had been doing sooo well – making friends with the little girl in front of us and then it came time for the appearances she decided she was going to have a cry. I saw the news guy look at her and smile and thought ‘oh no’, but he went back to watching Craig having his photo taken with some of the kids and the Roary model. Then, he looked at her again and signaled to his camera man to come over to Ellie. He asked if she was nervous about meeting the star and she said “mmmhmm” with a huge tear on her cheek. She stopped crying, so the camera man took the camera off her and then she started up again, so he put it back on her!! After Mum’s little stint on the TV, I am beginning to think I am part of a very famous family, indeed!




Other than our little brush with fame we watched the GT Championship, which was awesome, the V8 Utes – including some amazing smashes and some of the Fujitsu Series, before it started to rain. I know, I know. This is the Bathurst 1000 we’re talking about, it’s bound to rain, why didn’t we have an umbrella? Or poncho??? I don’t know. Tomorrow, I assure we will be more prepared and if we’re not, too bad – we’ll be sitting in the rain until the very end if we have to.

So, we packed up our stuff, took it out to the car and went over into the paddock to catch some more drivers for siggies and to see the teams prep for the Top 10 Shoot Out. I caught Leanne Tander and got her to sign my lanyard, she was nice. I am excited to see a woman compete in Bathurst. It’s very cool.

I really, really, really wanted to catch Greg Murphy, so we stood outside his garage for awhile, but when he ran past, not once, not twice but four times I was unable to go up to him. Majorly starstruck!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Eventually, another guy stopped him, so I sidled up to him and got him to sign my hat because James was starting to get annoyed at me.

We missed Rick and Todd Kelly, which I was bummed about – maybe next year and then we meandered up to the 888 garage to watch the Top 10 start. From where we stood, we could see the car leave the Pits and then watch the rest of it on the big screen  behind us, unfortunately, we were unable to hear but the crowd was getting very excited over some times, which I have since heard were seriously fast.

Again, we waited around for Lowndes for ages… I was in complete and utter pain. At one stage, I happened to glance up at the big screen, only to see Craig was not, in fact, in the garage we were waiting behind, but somewhere else doing an interview. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was about that… We left without seeing him, I just could not stand there any longer…

I will upload photos when I am not so tired!!!

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