Kahlei has been trying to pull herself into a standing position for the last week or so and yesterday she finally got herself up onto her feet. Since that first successful attempt she has become obsessed with pulling herself up. Everytime I turn around she’s standing there smiling up at me.

This morning we did some painting and afterwards, while I was running a bath for them, Kahlei pulled herself up and while holding onto the side she took a few steps closer to the tub. I suppose she’s in a hurry now, figures! I have been so glad that she’s waited to do these things. I can’t imagine having her walking at 10 months like Ellie did – I’m pleased to have had this time before I am chasing two girls around.

I’ve tried to get some piccies, but she wont oblidge! Maybe next post I will have some. Now, I am off to do some designing while Kahlei naps and Ellie has ‘quiet time’ (ie a nap without actually saying the word).

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  1. Well done Kahlei!
    Have you had any problems getting her to sleep now?
    Ben started pulling up to stand last week and now I can't keep him down which is making bed time difficult.
    He'd rather stand up and chew on the top of the cot than lie down.

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