Blogging? Me??

Yes, tis I – the awesomely dedicated blogger!

I have been trying to post, or I’ve at least been thinking about it. Heaps is happening, I often find myself thinking ‘I should blog about this’, but for one reason or another I simply never do.

So, please forgive this random post, as I just type whatever comes to mind in order to avoid a blank page and another day passing without a post.

The girls are growing up so quickly presently. Kahlei is busy working her little legs out with big crawls and constantly pulling herself up and taking some steps while holding on. She’s had her 6th tooth cut thru and just seems so much more grown up lately.

Ellie is a bit of a walking contradiction at the moment. She is very into helping, loves sweeping, packing and unpacking the dishwasher, picking up her bedroom and feeding Kahlei. At the same time she is testing the boundaries (and my patience) with talking back, selective hearing when it comes to picking up her toys in the lounge room, climbing on everything and attitude. Only hours ago I was asking her to pick up her blocks before going onto another toy when she came and stood in front of me, hands on hips, looked me right in the eye and said “What do you want?” I was seriously shocked! And trying not to laugh, because it was a teensy bit cute.

Luckily, she says cute things, too. Of late she is loving that Kahlei is becoming more fun. Then spend so much time nattering to each other and laughing at their little inside jokes. When they have meals, Ellie will pull Kahlei’s highchair towards her at the bench and say “Talk to Kahlei”. They have a lovely time.

In the past few days I have come to realise that I speak for only one reason – to hear the sound of my own voice, as no one else is at all interested in what I am telling them.

I am tired. The girls sure do keep me busy. I am thinking of legally changing Kahlei’s name to Messy Miss. I have had a lot to do with kids in my time and I have seen lots of mess, but boy does this girl top all!!!

Ellie’s name should be Miss Diva, for obvious reasons and I should change my name to something neither girl (or James, for that matter) can say for the time being. It would be nice to have a moment where somebody wasn’t calling out “Mummy!” or asking for something. How do people with, like, 5 or more children do it?? I don’t know if I could. I am no Super mum. My house is far from sparkling, my kids are currently only half dressed because I am sick of changing their outfits every 20 minutes and I haven’t brushed my hair. I know, eww.

I’m also finding it just a little bit hard to keep to my parenting style of Positive Parenting currently. I am finding, that in these trying stages, I am raising my voice more than I would like and not finding the time for all the activities I would like to do with the girls. I need to recharge!!!

The girls will soon be off on an adventure at Nanna’s for a couple of nights while James has a test done in regards to his blood pressure. I am finding myself looking forward to the break more and more while, at the same time, being more and more concerned that I won’t have a clue what to do without my girls here! I plan on a big clean and floor wash the first day and I have to admit I am getting excited that the effects of mopping will last more than 20 minutes! Then, I hope to get some designing done. I have finished one kit and have some Quality Control issues and cleaning up to deal with and I have started another, which I am very excited about. So, I hope to be able to do that and catch up on my CTs.

Okay, well, I am off to indulge my love of hearing my own voice as I try to get Ellie to pick up the toys she’s strewn everywhere. Oh fun!

Please leave some love to encourage more awesome blogging!!! 😉


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the 'Mummy' word. Do you remember the time I decided to call you mum for a couple of days? – I thought I'd prepared you!!!

    I am soooo looking forward to having the girls, you had better have a relaxing time – that's why I'm having them isn't it 🙂

    You need to keep the blogging up to date so that I can keep up to date with what's happening with you all.

    Love you heaps.


  2. lol, mine are grown up now, but I hear you on the mess, when I have my little granddaughter over, tornado Jazz in like 30 mins nana's house is trashed…lol..
    I guess you will spend those couple of days feeling like you have forgotten something ( no kids lol) ..
    I hope you enjoy the break, and get at least a couple of hours of just "You" time.. *hugz*

  3. Big hugs to you Becky! I think that if every mom was honest, she would admit to being where you are at one point or another in her journey of being a mom. I know that I find myself there often! Hang in there & know that we love hearing the sound of your voice & we'll support you however we can!

  4. lol I am with you on changing my name to something no one else can pronounce! What a great idea! Good to see you bloggin'!

  5. Just from the statements you have made, I'm sure you're a wonderful MOM!! My 2 girls are 18 and 16 1/2 — I know I've made mistakes and couldn't follow thru with all my great intentions. Bottom line, I loved them each and every day even (especially) when I had raised my voice at them. They are TERRIFIC girls with their own personalities and their own ideas on what kind of parent I have been. Just below the bottom line, they KNOW that they are unconditionally loved!! 🙂

    One day at a time, and don't wish one minute of it away… it will be gone before you know it!


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