I have so much to say

and somehow I never manage to blog it. I don’t know why. I want to write about the stresses I’ve been experiencing since the car has sold, about my worries about walking into town alone with the girls once Ethan leaves. Sometimes, at night I can’t sleep because my stupid brain is writing a blog post, but then the day comes and all inspiration is gone.

I want to write about how 5am is going to kill me. About how Kahlei gets up most mornings at 5.30 or earlier and I can’t hardly function throughout the day. 5am should be outlawed.

I will get around to blogging again. I WANT to.

Tomorrow is Kahlei’s 1st birthday. Crazy 🙂 I will do a birthday blog, promise. xo

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  1. wow how time flys..
    its amazing at how fast a child actually grows.
    cant believe kahlei is 1 already, it seems not to long ago you were tweeting
    her first milestones.
    sending Birthday wishes for the birthday girl 🙂

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