…Well, at least they had fun

Kahlei and Ellie have been a little under the weather since Kahlei’s Birthday Gathering and yesterday I came down with it, too. Today I felt like death. I think the fact that Kahlei has me up before 5.30 most mornings meant that when I got it I really got it as I am just so run down.

At one stage today I felt as if my head was surely going to explode, it was heavy, fuzzy and oh-so-painful. I decided to lie down while the girls watched their show and fell asleep quite quickly. I awoke to the phone ringing and a sight I could only laugh at. It was so overwhelming, that laughing in dismay was my only response.



Ellie had gone to the pantry, taken out the Crunchy Nut, got a bowl and poured herself some cereal. Now, both James and I are pretty sure the Crunchy Nut wasn’t even open, so she did that, too. When I woke, they were having a great time playing in all the flakes. Kahlei had them stuck all over her legs and Ellie told me she had been eating them and Kahlei made a mess.

Luckily, we have tiles so it was easy to sweep up!

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